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Anthology of Student Verse
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Lewis Caroll's Chicago Winter Wonderland
Submitted by Kenyatta Rogers on February 8, 2011 - 9:25pm.
I'm not much of a tv person, but the hearing that a dance group named Jabberwocky was named after  poem brought me to the Lewis Carroll poem Jabberwocky.  The poem uses word play and nonsense in a way I find completely different and in my opinion is probably one of the earliest forms of L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poetry.  Even though the poem dabbles in nonsense and sillyness, it has a tone of adventure and connectivity.  I thought the 5th grade at Jane Addams would enjoy a poem in which words are made up.  I also gave them a chance to tell their own stories and the freedom to make nonsense out of things and objects.  The prompt was to take character or thing and put it in a place that is not it's normal habitat.  Below are some of the results.

Ms. Grannan 5th Grade

Pedro A.

A kid that still
wears a bib is crying
for his mommy. He was
whining while he was crying

The kid was 23 years
old and he only knows
to play on his own.

Melissa A.

lum bu ah plu plum
he runs through the
beach like the wind.

Crim crim crim
the boy falls
and gets bit by
a crab.

cm cm cm bitting

wa wa boy cries.

Mauricio J.

Gregory, widdwy,
went Grabio a
book andyia smacked
it andyia threw, itya
the sewer.

Book went in the
sewer, please let
me out I'm covered
with seaweed and
garbage, with widdwy
and whip whippy

Mrs. Vargas 5th Grade

The fat girl
Oscar A.

She have problems
of eating. She eat
and eat and eat.

She eat 20 plates
each day. She ate a
cow, donkey, pig, elephant.

She said, "I am, not eating
event day."

Jorge U.

Mortki is stuck
in line to go
get burger only
astronauts can
get in there
for food

so he fakes
that he was
an astronaut

Patrick and Dumboo
Miriam M.

Patrick needs
to get out of
dumboo land
to get to
dunken donuts!

Twas in a owh
upside down place
for Patrick! h ha
side omg!

but suddenly
The tuly tuby
came with he's

Then Patrick did
there and here
with there and
Patrick sing a-long!
Hee-Hee 

Mrs. Byrne 5th

Yahaira F.

There once was a creature named Peace, he was stuck in WWII, he did not know what to do, he was scared, but he didn't dared to get in cause he would be dead he only hit his head.

Alexa D.

There was once a penguin named Penguin. He went to Chicago where it was very Hot. Penguin Looked for a old place to stay so Penguin thought of going to McDonald's where it was very cold. While walking to McDonald's Penguin got hungry and realized McDonald's sells fish. As Penguin got to McDonald's Penguin felt all better!

Alexis M.

Paris is the place to be
Everybody should see
But nobody knows
what zebras know

That the Eiffel tower
is so mower
and that is
the big
which is
that it's the building
for spies!
for zebras!