Spring Pictures & Self-Portraits!

Last week on Friday, 5th and 6th graders didn’t just have their 2nd week of poetry, but it was also Spring Picture Day. Students were dressed to impress in vibrant colors: pinks, yellows, blues, and neon greens, like flowers popping up from the ground. Coincidentally our theme for our 2nd week was all about self-portraits. I shared with students’ images of self-portraits by the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. In her self-portraits Kahlo’s usually painted herself with exotic animals, like her parrot Bonito, thorn necklaces, flowers adorning her hair, and her very prominent dark unibrow. Kahlo always painted her true thoughts, feelings, and personality in each portrait.

Together we read the poem, “Self-Portrait with my loose hijab,” by Noora S., a former 7th grader from Peterson Elementary. In her poem Noora talks about how people respond negatively when her hair sticks out from under her hijab. A few students connected to Noora’s poem, because they themselves are Muslim and understand how hijabs are part of their tradition and religion. I wish to shout back at them but won’t/because I like to respect others even if they don’t respect me/It’s hard to keep the hair in sometimes/ I get confused on why people care. We discussed how the best way to rise above negativity is to learn to love and respect yourself.

Inspired by Noora S. and Frida Kahlo, students created Self-Portrait poems, which reveals their true selves and how they wish to be seen by others. Readers, pick up a paint brush and create your own self-portrait.

Ms. Hassberger 5th grade
Group 1

Self-Portrait With Muslim
By Hania A.

Praying, because it’s part of my religion.
Reading the Quran because I have to do it.
Eating Halal food,
Covering my hair,
Respect elder people.
Not wearing makeup even if I’m ugly.
Making Dua’s every day.
Praying Fajir, sunrise, Dhuhur, Asr
Maghrib, and Isha every single day.
Fasting in Ramadan.
Being Muslim is about being
a good person.
I shine every day even without makeup
and showing my hair.
I control my actions with pork and gelatin,
even if it’s my favorite candy.
Learning the prophet.
Being Muslim is bright as a shining,
star with a kind heart inside.
Make everyone a good person,
make everyone a good person God.
Forgive me for my selfishness.
God, God I believe in you.
You’re the one and only.

My Self-Portrait with Mindfulness
By Akari A.

I love mindfulness, it’s what I do.
mindfulness is my passion.
When its early in the morning,
When the birds are chirping,
When I’m taking a nap,
thinking about positive thoughts.
When I’m taking in the fresh air
of an amazing morning.
When I’m drawing, I’m thinking
about positive thoughts.
When I’m meditating and sitting
on something, I’m thinking about

Self-Portrait of My Face
By Peyton C.

I have brown eyes.
I have lovely braids.
I have long lashes,
that make me who I am.
I have little bumps,
that I’m not proud of.
I have two ears,
with earrings on them.
I don’t have perfect teeth,
but I still like to smile,
because no matter what
I am who I am.

Self-Portrait With My Hood
By Aliou K.

I love to wear my hood at school,
but the teachers say, no, it’s the rule.
Wearing it is just a hobby,
although I put it on in the lobby.
I also put it on outside,
it just feels so fine.
The people who say,
I can’t have my hood.
they are just some fools.
Even if I can’t war it at school.
I still think my hood is cool.
I mean it does call only to me.
So, I think the teachers, should
leave me be.

Ms. Hassberger 5th grade
Group 2

About Me
By Kendall D.

About me, smell good like roses.
My hair curly like curly fries.

I’m short and tall like a weight,
with one side 40lbs and another

My feet are small like small feathers.
My dimples are like little dents.

My skin is light like the sun.
I’m mixed like a vanilla and
chocolate cone.

I Have Big Brows
By Ronnie H.

I have big brows.
Brows big like an Xbox.
Brows big like three
French fries together
Brows big like a brick.

My father’s brows are big,
but they’ve been waxed.
Momma is the big brows

She makes brows big no more.

Self-Portrait About My Little Pink Jacket
By Raven V.

My little pink jacket.
Pink is my fav color.
Pink is like a flower.
It smells good like perfume.
It is so unique.
My little pink jacket design,
is so cute.
My pink jacket is all I need.

Ms. Henry 6th grade
Group 1

Self-Portrait With Confidence
By Natalia C.

As I look in the mirror everyday,
I wish my features would go away.
Skin as dark as midnight, eyebrows
will never be how I wanted to be,
hair will always have crazy strands,
that stick out even with the tightest
rubber bands.

As time comes into play, all my
features fade away.
My skin wasn’t dark as midnight,
my eyebrows weren’t as bad as
they used to be, I wanted my
features back.
It made people notice me!

My hair was perfect, too perfect.
I wanted my features back.
They were a part of me!
I showed everyone that
anyone could have glasses,
imperfect hair, big noses,
small lips and all!
Not everyone is perfect,
so don’t expect to be.
Now, I want you to say—-

I love my features!
They bring out a part
of me!

Self-Portrait With My Deep Voice
By Kylie H.

I inherit my voice from my mom’s side.
Sometimes, I wish my voice didn’t boom
when I talked.
Sometimes, I like the power and strength
in my deep voice.
My grandmother speaks affirmations
to boost my confidence.
I still don’t know whether or not
I like my voice.

Me, Myself (not true)
By Rio T.

I see me as a human being,
but they see me as Asian.
I want to be cool, but they
thought I’m being poor.
They see me that I’m cute,
but I’m actually healing.
They said my hair is too
long, but they’re actually
My hair is okay,
My body is okay,
My personality is okay.
You need to obey.

By Maurico

Soy feliz como cuando a yo do alas personas.
Me encanta jugar baloncesto.
Mi cabello y mis ojos se apareser alosde mi abuelo.
Yo soy hermanode en medio una gran familia feliz.
Cuando memiro al es pejo veo a una buena

I’m happy like when I give to people.
I love playing basketball.
My hair and eyes are like my grandfather’s.
I am a brother in the middle of a big happy family.
When I look at the mirror I see a good

Ms. Henry 6th grade
Group 2

Self-Portrait With Port Wine Stains
By Journie C.

I tried putting makeup on, but the red still shows.
I been living with my entire life, I hate it
but I still love it.
People as me everyday like is not there.
I want people to notice how beautiful
I am and not stare at the paint that
that is on my face.
I’ve had surgery, but that doesn’t change
that I am the girl with a red face.
no matter what I will always be the girl
with a red face.

Self-Portrait With Sister Locks
By Naomi O.

Sister locks be mistaken with dreads.

Sister locks is okay but—- it stays.
Sister locks will pay—- it stays.

Sister locks, sister locks
I will always get, “take it down.”

Sister locks holds don’t fasten.
Sister locks will pay— it stays.

Sister locks will always be
that one girl that hasn’t
changed her hair.

Self-Portrait With Brown Eyes
By Rashaun T.

I inherited my brown eyes from my beautiful mother.

I may not be unique,
My eyes may not show in the lunar light.
But that doesn’t matter to me,
as long as I have sight.

My eyes do show in the sun,
When I’m playing and having fun.

Doesn’t matter if your eyes are
green, brown, red, or blue.
As long as your eyes represent you,
and only you.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.