What’s more important, the answer or the question? This week we read excerpts from Pablo Neruda’s “The Book of Questions” and talked about all the questions we’ve always or never knew we wanted to ask. We also discussed the idea of unanswerable questions and explored some of the things that kept us wondering the most. I hope you enjoy this week’s poets as much as I did! 

Questions I Need to Know

Alfie H

  1. If you cut grass why does it get longer? 
  2. If you feel bugs around you, but there is no bugs, is it the dead bugs you killed? 
  3. Why would anyone eat Jicama? 
  4. Can animals talk?
  5. Can someone take a knife and hurt your feelings? 
  6. If you are mad, can it spread across a room? 
  7. If water can kill you, choke you and drown you, why do we need it to survive? 
  8. Why is 0 an even number? 


Jack K. 

Why do birds fly? 

Why can’t animals talk?

Why do trees grow? 

Why does anger take over me? 

Why do people cry? 

Why is life hard? 

Why can’t we live forever? 

Why can we talk? 

Why can’t we breathe under water? 

Why does money not grow on trees? 


Jessica A. 

  1. If flowers grow and we grow, are we technically flowers? 
  2. If trees grow paper do trees grow money?
  3. If grass grows longer does our life grow longer? 
  4. Why do we have emotions? 
  5. When our feelings get hurt, does our heart get hurt? 
  6. If there are different emotions, who are those emotions? 
  7. Why are bad words, bad words? 
  8. If smoking is bad then why was it created? 
  9. If water is water, then what is ice? 
  10. If mountains are cold then why don’t they have a blanket? 
  11. If lava is hot why don’t they get a fan? 
  12. If books are used to read, do they read themselves? 


Josesmith R. 

  1. Por que parece que las plantas se mueren? 
  2. Si se mueren las plantas, nos morimos todos? 
  3. Por que llorar te ayuda sonreir? 
  4. Por que el ser humano es muy sentimental? 
  5. Por que cuando lloras te ries? 
  6. Por que piensas tanto? 
  7. Quien creo la plantas? 
  8. Como crearon a los humanos? 
  9. Si la lava esta caliente, por que no usan ventilados? 
  10. Quien creo a dios, y la paz de dios? 

My Questions

Kariana M. 

Why do people say money doesn’t grow on trees? 

Why can’t we see God? 

Why does bedtime make us sleep? 

Why is it dark at night? 

How did God make us? 

Why do we have names? 

Who made school? 

Why can’t God talk to us? 

Why do we have to die? 

Why is the weekend two days? 



Why do trees help us breath? 

How do plants grow fast? 

Why is grass green? 

How do we cry? 

Why do emotions hurt? 

How do we trigger our emotions? 

Why do we die? 

Why does our body control? 

Why is life and our bodies short? 

Who invented electricity? 

Who made light? 

Will aliens come to earth in a couple of years? 



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.