Rainbows and Crayons, Part Two

I was so inspired by Swift students who put so much effort into using their senses to write and re-write their color poems this week! Bravo!

Ms. Urquiza
2nd Grade

Yellow Is
by Ethan R.

Yellow is sun
hot like lava
it sounds like a trumpet
I would like to learn to play
yellow has a minty smell
and tastes like mango
and yellow leaves in the fall
a crossing deer sign is yellow
yellow feels like being excited

by Zahro G.

White is the color of the carpet
at home
and the sound of the air conditioner
it smells of water
it tastes like white gum
white is the touch of a pillow

Ms. Pendola
2nd Grade

Oh Dear Red
by Deepshika S.

oh dear red you look like a red
marker oh you sound like a crab
clicking its claws, oh dear red, you smell
like a red cherry, and you taste like a
delicious wet watermelon, oh dear red you are
just a lot of things that are as red
as you. you feel like a smooth apple,
oh dear red, you’re just such a happy and
yummy color.

Azarah A.

A blue sky
A blue flower feels like
a soft carpet and a raindrop. It smells like
a blueberry cake. It tastes like
blueberries. It feels like a
cake of heaven. A soft cake
that has blueberries on top
of the cake. It tastes like
It looks like a blueberry river
a blue hoodie
like a blue carpet.

Pink is my favorite color
by Abhipsa J.

My favorite color is pink
A pink cupcake with real looking
edible pink flowers
pink flowers are humming outside
it smells like flowers and
petals falling out of the sky
it tastes like pink strawberries
it feels like a pink
I am thinking that I
wish I had pink
edible flowers on pink donuts.

Ms. Reed
3dr Grade

Ayza U.

A Cyan elephant toy in the box
the sound of Cyan is like
throwing pebbles in the water
the smell of cyan is like
a blue daisy
Cyan tastes sweet as the
soft cloud like cotton candy
a soft and fluffy thing
that is Cyan
Cyan feels happy, cozy
and cuddly.

by Stella

I see a blue whale in
the water
I hear blue legos getting
stacked tick tick tick
I smell blue cupcakes in
the kitchen
I taste blue icing inside of a
The blue jello is sticky and jiggly
in the summer

Ms. Herlo
3rd Grade

Red Redness
by Moyo F.

What do I see?
What do I hear?
What do I smell?
What do I taste?
What do I feel?

I see the red roses that
they give for Valentines day.
I hear “boomboomboom!”
stomps the angry mob.
I smell the food that
cooks on the red fire.
I taste red strawberries
That are so sweet.
I feel a soft red carpet
at my Aunty’s house.
The feeling for red is
anger. It’s okay to be angry!

These are all our redness senses.

The Black Taking Over
by Alana

A big dark hole people echoing in
the cold space

In the dark everything is silent like in
a library

burnt steak ew!

A great taste of Oreo yum

Black feels nothing but lonely, scared, and
cold…No one wants to be his friend.

Sad tears on Black’s face all over his

Color Poem!
by Alondra H.

Red smells like organic
strawberries in a supermarket

Crunching into raspberries
loudly like chewing canels gum

it smells like red
unalcoholic wine at trader joe’s

it tastes like a juicy
red gummy in a haribo’s

I feel smooth fluffy red
teddy bears on my bed:

Shreyash C.

I see the color green
The green ice cream truck
going ding dong ding
The smooth feeling of
Sourness of the color
green spreading through your
taste buds
The smell of green is
The color green feels joyful
and happy.

by Evlin A.

I see grey storm clouds drooped
and weary
I hear a light murmur whispering
cozy quiet thoughts,
I smell a faint smell of dust
blowing in the wind,
I touch small bumps on the
surface of the streets or sidewalks
I taste light puffy cotton candy
But without the sweet
sugary flavor.

Grey is lots of sad and gloomy
emotions crumbled together
and faded.

Crayon Box
by Jose R.

I see a green bunny hopping
around a green field.
I hear a blue whale making
a sound oooooo!
I smell brown dirt and it
smells gross whew!
I feel white gummy glue going on
my fingertips.
I taste a juicy red apple in my mouth
but the best part is the liquid.
When I take a shot I feel pain on
my arm.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.