‘And the tape wears off and the streamers…’: Party Poems.

Students imagined life as a party and wrote poems using that metaphor based on Jason Shinder’s poem, ‘The Party.’

Lesson Note:  “Find some humility, or it will find you.”
― Jason Shinder, poet

Mrs. McClain, 7th Grade

The Party

by Rowan B.

And that’s how it is

drying off by the falling fireplace

oh, how I don’t want to leave

“Sorry for leaving.”

The wind is now blowing

the fire flickers

The night sky starts filling with

soaring stars

I wish to stay, but

We all have to leave sometimes

Goodbye party

I’ll miss you

That’s how it is

always having to go

even the fire is gone now

I’ll miss you

Party Poem

by Faviana P.

And that’s how it is

the lights shining

steak sizzling

everyone singing

I walk in the backyard


talking with my grandpa


how I miss


Tquito (dog)


and barking

it’s time for the goodbyes



goodbye, I cry out

I don’t want to go

Mrs. McClain, 8th Grade

The End of the Party

by Pepper K.

And the tape wears off and the streamers

start to hang low,

we know the guests will start to leave

when the punchbowl

is half empty and

starts to stink up the room

you see the door swing open and close

From the music getting louder as the

voices covering it become what was

As the room that was once dark

illuminates with day

you remember that talks of life

Michael’s music, Mia’s home, Pareezehs routine

As the memory fades out the door

Once the house is


And the lonely sets in

you can go upstairs

and rest left the party

become your past.

Mrs. McClain, 8th Grade

Party Nxtdoor

by Christopher V.

And that’s how it

is Drake with one

of the best gifts I

could possibly get. But

I feel no joy

Neymar, Kobe singing

Happy Birthday. Smiling

on the outside but sad

on the inside, knowing

I’m leaving them for


Now the time has arrived

and soon, I’ll have to

go my own path to

grow in life.


by Enes G.

I’m at a party

Friends everywhere

Max, Isaiah, Chris, Alvaro, Yasiel, Damarlyon, Jackson.

There is food everywhere.

There is rap music

but Cheif Keef, King Von, all of them,

It is nighttime,

lights gone dark

People are thinking about

Politics and school

We all leave around 12 AM

Everyone says bye to each other.

Mrs. Mclain, 7th Grade


by Marley M.

Stars twinkle as the music blasts

water splashes as chips crunch

Skye shows off her amazing breaststroke

Estella dancers while eating chips

Piper sips on a cool diet. Dr. Pepper

Max sings his heart out to Sza

Brigid dances with Estella, sipping on a Coca-Cola

Sza sings her melody, filling the air

A huge bowl of candy, unlimited sodas, Noodles and Co.,

and all the kinds of chips fill the table

As the sun rises and everyone gets tired,

they disappear to their homes

I say, “Bye”, I hope you had a great time,” knowing

the did.

The Party

by Serafina K.

And that was it

People standing by the food

talking about life

Then the clock hit midnight

I never wanted to say goodbye

but now as we go our ways

we’ll think

of life

of each other.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.