5th Grade Seasons & Senses

For our 2nd sessions, Twain 5th graders talked about smells, tastes, sounds, and textures. We also made lists of words we could substitute for the word “happy” in our poems. Before brainstorming, we read and discussed two poems: Mary Oliver’s “of What Surrounds Me” and a simple sensory poem by an anonymous author called “In Summer.” We talked about Oliver’s phrase, “for the pen to be poised” and considered taking inspiration from the natural world. In Ms. Fernandez’s class, Sebastian and Herman played “Luna” for us on their guitars – very impressive! Maybe in the future we will have guitar accompaniment for our poetry readings, or someone may turn their poem into a song!

Ms. Fernandez
5th Grade

Summer Memories
by Mateo M.

I feel full of energy and memories
when I see the pink and purple
sky. And smell the coconut and pineapple and
taste a sweet cold popsicle. I touch
many colorful flowers. I feel full of
energy and memories.

Why I Love Summer
By Mila J.

I see the colorful towels at the pool
I smell the newly blooming flowers at
my grandma’s house
I hear crickets while I’m fishing
I love summer
I taste an ice cream on a hot afternoon
I touch the water when I go into the pool
I feel glad that I can relax whenever
I want to.

Xavier L.

look at the bright
piles of snow.

the air is cold and peaceful
to smell.

the crunches of snow and the
people playing with a throw of snow.

Renata P.

I see the blue jays in the still no-leaves trees
I smell the aroma of the moist air
I hear the sound of the raindrops fall, so calm and peaceful
I taste the hot tasty soup on a cold rainy day
I touch the trees sprouting while it is raining
I feel calm, relaxed, and peaceful
I like the rainy cold spring.

Mr. Maciasz
5th Grade

Falling for Fall
By Alicia N.

In fall, leaves fall on the ground
red, yellow, orange
The trees are left with lonely
branches. The smell
of leaves lightens the sun
The air is so loud, birds
Pumpkin spice most popular
The leaves falling on the
ground with a great crunch
when I walk over
It feels amazing

by Juliana L.

I see the flowers glowing in the wind
I smell the ocean breeze
I hear the kids laughing
I touch the warm sand
I feel happy
summer is endless!

The snow is glowing
The sky is cloudy
My hot cocoa is hot
the fire place is steaming
the kids are building
winter is everything!

The winter
by Gabriel C.

In the winter,
I see the snowflakes falling from the big puffy clouds
in the sky.
I smell the steamy hot chocolate from the kitchen
I hear the excitement of the other kids laughing and
playing in the snow.
I taste the delicious peppermint flavor of the candy cane
I touch the cold, white snow on the ground
I feel the cold breeze in the wind on my face.

by Melissa M.

In the summer
the sight of grass is
brighter shade of green
green limes
The summer smell
is fresher and cooler
ice itself.
The sound of summer mornings
is quite peaceful
birds chirping,
mixed with the sound
of leaves dancing in the wind
The taste of my watermelon slice
is cool like the air during winter.

Mrs. Respress
5th Grade

by Jiovany S.

When I see flowers blooming
I knew the rain was brewing
Do you hear the sound of a bouncy ball?
Or do you smell the air of the rainfall?
The little buzzing from busy bees
Look at all the beautiful trees.
Are you feeling joyful, and glad there’s no more snowfall?
from here to there, to there to here, the spring is now everywhere.

C’eleste M.

I see a pool, the hot sun and kids playing
I smell my older brother’s smoothie
I hear birds sings and bees buzzing
I taste my mom’s pancakes
I touch the snake’s soft belly
I am feeling happy

In Fall
by Thanasis

I love fall
In fall, you smell the warm apple cider
In fall, the leaves get crunchier and crunchier
I taste the yummy pumpkin pie
I feel the fuzzy blankets laying on my bed, for I

Samuel D.

In my mind, I see a boat
in a boat I feel relaxed
I hear the sound of water
I smell and taste the food on the boat
I touch the smooth carpet
in a boat

Ms. Bell
5th Grade

In Winter
by N. A.

Snow hits my window as I open my wrapped-up presents
I smell nice warm chicken noodle soup
I hear the sound of kids playing with the snow outside
I taste soft, hot, steaming bread my mother has baked
I touch cold, white snow on my fingertips
I feel warm and cozy inside my house
Oh – wait! it’s just a daydream from the summer heat.

by Melanie V.

I see spring coming closer
I smell the flowers coming
I hear the leaves swing
I taste the pie in my mouth
I touch the air in my hand
I’m feeling like spring is ending

Alejandra B.

I see children running around with joy
I smell my dad cooking on the grill, making a sizzle
I taste the cool, turquoise popsicle, chills on my back
I touch the blue, clear water in the pool
The summer is cool!

In Fall
By Grace F.

I see the leaves falling from the trees
I smell the smokey air while I walk
I hear the leaves crinkle when I step on them
I taste turkey on Thanksgiving dinner
I touch the falling leaves
I feel the nice, cold breeze from the North
I love fall!



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.