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Food Memory @ Moos Elementary

This week at Moos, we read “Uknown Father” by Vietnamese-American poet, Thanhha Lai. The students learned the Vietnamese and French words that were in the poem and we talked about the […]

The Book of Questions @ Moos Elementary

Today, I started off my residency at Moos Elementary with The Book of Questions by Pablo Neruda. We read some of his poems and talked about the types of lines and […]

I Used to Be an Idiom But Now I Am a Metaphor –– Poems @ Moos

For our final writing week, the students reflect on how they’ve changed: over their lives, this year, in writing, in silly ways, and just about everything else! Ms. Willis 3rd […]

From Don’t Worry About It –– Poems @Moos

This week, we tour a magical library in our minds! We began by envisioning an enchanted and massive library, and then we read a poem that takes place inside the […]

But It’s Still Part of Your World ––– Odes @ Moos

This week we worked on two different poems, one for 2nd grade and one for 3rd. The second graders learned about stanzas, and delved deeper into understanding poetic line breaks. […]

This Book Can Carry Me When I’m Tired ––– Library Poems @ Moos

This week: magical libraries! After exploring the title’s in Albert Goldbarth’s library, we add our to the collection 🙂 Ms. Mathes 2nd Grade Library Kendra T. Este libro puede brincar […]

As the Frost Covers the Window I See a Winter Wonderland –– Haikus @ Moos

This week in poetry: haiku! We find ourselves on the cusp on seasons right now, a good time to reflect on the particular qualities of each one. This week the […]

I Will Never Forget That Dragon: Dream Poems @ Moos

This week the second graders wrote their dreams, some as lists of dreams and wishes, others a narrative in a poem of one, especially fabulous dream they love to remember. […]

Poetry Is a Family of Words –– Poetry is @ Moos

This week the 3rd grade students wrote their very own Ars Poetica. Now quite a few weeks into their residency, its time for these poets to let us know what […]

Then…… He Met…… Pink! –– Color Poems & Sound Poems @ Moos

This week the 3rd graders continued their poetic personification. Today’s poem: personify a color! And, we had the honor of having our second class with Ms. Mathes’ 2nd graders. Today, […]