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I Hear Time –– Sound Poems @ Darwin Elementary

This week at Darwin Elementary: Sound Poems! We’re working on building sensorily rich descriptors so we can make our poems vivid. These were lots of fun. Enjoy! Ms. Tasior 2nd […]

A Worm is Like a Line––Comparison Poems @ Darwin

For our second poetry session: similes! For the time being, we’re calling them “comparisons,” and spending our time thinking through what value we can get by finding the commonalities in […]

I Wish For a Very Soft Cat: 2nd Grade Poems From Darwin Elementary

What a fun first week we had! I have the pleasure of working with the second graders at Darwin Elementary–specifically Ms. Garcia and Ms. Tasior’s fabulous students. For our first […]

This Book is You ––– Library Poems @Darwin

This week, we tour a magical library in our minds! We began by envisioning an enchanted and massive library, and then we read a poem that takes place inside the […]

I Used to Be Sand But Now I Am a Pearl ––– Poems @ Darwin

For our final writing week, the students reflect on how they’ve changed: over their lives, this year, in writing, in silly ways, and just about everything else! Ms. Garcia 2nd […]

It Doesn’t Change Me –– Leadership Poems 💪 @ Darwin Elementary

This week in poetry: leadership! Darwin Elementary teaches leadership qualities at every grade level. As the school got ready for a leadership writing contest, the 2nd grade teachers asked if we […]

Poetry Feels Like Letters Dancing in the Sky –– Ars Poetica @ Darwin

This week the students wrote their very own Ars Poetica. Now quite a few weeks into their residency, its time for these poets to let us know what poetry is […]

Pink is Like a Thousand Flowers in the Spring –– Color Poems @ Darwin

This week the 2nd graders continued their poetic personification. Today’s poem: personify a color! Enjoy: Ms. Palacios 2nd Grade Silver’s Day Sophia R. Silver is nice and gray. Silver is […]

The Cloud Do Not Cry Instead He Rains –– Object Poems @ Darwin

Ms. Palacios 2nd Grade Sharks Angel F. Sharks live in the water. Sharks eat fish. Sharks have babies. Sharks care their babies to not get kill. Sharks tell me to […]

I am the wind through the sky — Delight Songs @ Darwin Elementary

This week we read, The Delight Song of Tsoai-Talee, by N. Scott Momaday. I asked the students how different elements of nature could be used to describe their own emotions and […]