I Make Music From My Hands: Music Poems at Darwin

This week at Darwin we explored places that we hear music, how music makes us feel, and where music comes from. Here are this week’s featured poets! We had such beautiful responses to the prompt that this week we have more than average featured poets.

Ms. Garcia, 2nd grade, Spanish

Music of Kittens

Kittens have a band. Gator Violin.
Kittens let rock and roll
Let’s go and perform
Is everyone ready for rock?
Cat kid start rockin.
Red kid, get ready
Lets start this concert

Isabella A

Paper sounds like music when it’s breaking I hear
noise and when it’s scribbled on and
it’s not the most amazing sound.
it’s a pretty annoying sound. I hear something.

La Musica

Yo escucho la musica en el carro y
tambien es en la casa
Yo escucho musica en youtube
Yo escucho musica en una fiesta
Yo escucho musica afiera cuando esta lloviendo

I hear music in the car and also in the house
I hear music on youtube
I hear music at a party
I hear music outside when it is raining


Pajaros tienen una ves suave omo
un violin. y una gitara es como un
tren iendo muy rapido los insectos suenan
como una desfil enta hoce la tompra
den un elefante suena como una
trompeta las personas hablanda
suenan como musica ridosa y
el basurero suena como una banda de rocanrol de jaloguin
suena como una casa de teror
un closer suena como una
juleria una tienda de vestios
una bolsa de dulses suena
como maracas

Birds have a soft look as
a violin. and a guitar is like a
train going very fast the insects sound
like a parade. it maakes the French Horn
like an elephant sounds like a
trumpet. the people talking
they sound like rhyme music and
the dumpster sounds like a rock and roll band of Halloween
it sounds like a haunted house.
a closer sounds like a
jewelery, a clothing store
a bag of sweets sounds
like maracas

Music at My Mom’s

I hear my mom play Mexican music
My mom’s Mexican music makes me happy
I hear my brother play with his fried
His game has music
I hear music at Six Flags
The bumper cars crashing is music

Musica en el viento
Musica en la casa
Musica en la cielo
Musica en es corazon
Musica en la sol
Musica en la luna

Music in the wind
Music in the house
Music in the sky
Music in the heart
Music in the sun
Music in the moon

I hear music from my voices
and in youtube about Michael
Jackson and in tablet and
in my mind and in my soul
and in my self

Karen H
The sound of bugs!
I like the sounds of crickets. tuk! tuk!
The bees go buzz! buzz! buzz!
When the butterflies sound like soft drums
I also like the birds in the morning.

Ms. Garcia, 2nd grade, English


In assembly, in assembly
in Christmas
When you go in a plane
In fortnite
In the water fountain
in the beach
When you are cooking
When you knock
when you open a door

The Beach

People play loud music at the beach
the waves make beautiful sounds hmmms
sand gets wet and when people
step it makes a sound and when they dive
they splash and now all the
water is gone. let’s go people get
to work find the water but
take your skin
from fortnight
I love music. find the water
so i will relax in the sun
find the water hmm
Do it
ahh the shark ate my hair
find my hair tooo. hmmm. Do it
before the guard comes. Dave, you’re big
Find my hair and
I’m bald. no no no noooo!


I hear music from birds
I hear music from my sister
I hear music from my dad
I make music from my hands


Tree claps to make music
Tree makes me happy
Trees make me come to the sun

Places to Hear Music

You can hear music anywhere so
let’s get this music on but make
sure you all stay together because
any one can Bang Bang but also
you need to stay together like me
I can make a beat, hear it go
Boom Bat Boom Bat Boom
Bat now did you like it?
Maybe you can hear it. Bye.
Here’s more beats: boom boom
bat boom bat boom boom bat boom bat



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.