I Hear – Yo Escucho Poems @ Darwin Fall 2019

How do you make noise on paper?/ ¿Cómo haces ruido en el papel?

In our second week of poetry class, we explored using poetry to express the soundtracks of our lives.

We read a set of sound poems together before taking some time to brainstorm and write our own sound poems about the sounds we hear at school, at home, and around our city and wrote poems to tell this story.


Ms. Tasior

3rd Grade #1

Sonidos En Mi Casa 

Damien L. 


Yo escucho a mi hermano que juega videojuegos y hace clik clik

Yo escucho a mi mama que habla “Hola”

Escucho a mi perro que hace woof woof 

Escucho a mi gato que hace meow meow

Escucho un lápiz que hace chrrrr


Yo Escucho 

Jorge N. 


Yo escucho a un perro ladrando y hace woof

Yo escucho que esta brincando y hace pum pum pum

Yo escucho el viento que hace wooooo

Yo escucho un carro pitando y hace pippippip

Yo escucho un bebe llorando y hace waaaaaa


Yo Escucho 

Cleo B.


Yo escucho un closet que hace crac crac 

Yo escucho un lápiz en la escuela que hace shshsh

Yo escucho una licuadora que hace drdrdrdrdrdr

Yo escucho a persona gritando haaaaaa

Yo escucho la lluvia que hace plup plup plup 


Ms. Tasior

3rd Grade #2

I Hear

Sofia S. 


I hear people talking “Here you go.”

I hear a stapler stapling “click click”

I hear birds tweeting “tweet tweet”

I hear pencils writing scribble scribble”

I hear people making comments like “I like your shoes”

I hear feet stomping “stomp stomp.”


Weird Sounds

Angel C.


I hear my dad sawing it sounds like ZZZZZZZZ

I hear the clock ticking it sounds like a hammer tapping on the wall 

I hear my dad farting it sounds like POOT


Jeremiah’s Family

Jeremiah S. 


I hear my titi say go bears, gooooooo!

I hear my baby sister cry waaaaa!

I hear my brother scream nooooooo!

I hear people at school scream ahhhhhhh!

I hear motorcycles outside go vroom vroom! 


I Hear

Isabella J. 


I hear people splash in the pool they sound like whoosh!

I hear people celebrate at my house they sound like YAY!

I hear crickets at night they sound like crikit crikit

I hear kids fighting in my house like give me! Mine!



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.