Clown Is Apocalyptic: Abecedaries At Darwin

We all know that the alphabet is a key tool in writing poems and creating words–but what about when the alphabet creates the form in which we write poems? That’s what an abecedary poem is–and we explored them at Darwin! Here’s some of this week’s featured poets.


Ms. Garcia, 2nd grade, Spanish


Alan is apocalyptic
Boat is departed
Clown is Apocalyptic
Don is evil
Elen is alone and apocalyptic
Fandago is EVIL
Godzilla is apocalyptic
Hilton is super EVIL
I am Apocalyptic
Jason from Friday the 13th is Apocalyptic
Kloan is Clone – EVIL
Momo is here
Night at Freddy’s
Oh no, Jimmy is here
Popo is evil
Vans of the wall
XO is apocalyptic
Yolo is evil
Zack is evil

araña araña no te columpies en mi
bolsa, una araña en la bolsa
me cae an una araña
David le gustan las araña
El leon vio a una araña
Ficario no le gustan las arañas
Girafa vio a una araña
Helado se patio y la agua to co a la araña
leon no les gustand las araña

spider spider do not swing in my
bag, a spider in the bag
I’m still a spider
David likes spiders
The lion saw a spider
Ficario does not like spiders
Giraffe saw a spider
Ice cream and water, spider
lion do not like the spider

ABC Poems (;

Apples to eat
Bee to fly
Cat to run
Dog to play
Elephant to spray water
Flan to eat
Gun to shoot
Hop to Hop
I love Fortnite
Jake my friend
Kevin plays
Larissa is my trusted friend that I know
Marely helps me
Nate is cool
Onesie is warm
Pedro is a good friend
Queso to eat
Rat try to steal my chheese
Sandra is mine
TV, my friend
Use to see
Vestido to wear
Waste my time on something random
XX ahead
Yoyo to play
Zoo to explore

All bananas like to party
Bees dance with bananas
Cat wants to eat me
Dog man wants to eat me uh oh
Ee, out of banana money
Frog see me
Greg eats me and now I’m dead
Hi apple, it’s me, Kevin


Ms. Garcia, 2nd grade, English

I like to eat a apple
I play with the ball
I see the can
I hear the duck quack
I crack the egg
I see the fish I can grill
I am in my home
I can eat ice
I can ride the jeep
I play with a kite
I have a leg
I can use the map
I can write my name
I see the octopus
I can use a pen
I am a queen
I see a rat
I see a turtle
I use the umbrella
I use the violin
I am cold from the wind
I see the box

A B C D E F G H I …..

At the farm there was an armadillo boy with a girl
Bat! No a real bat! British turned it into a vapor!
Cat in the hat! The cat is talking
Dog is barking. omg!!!

The apple is good for you.
The dog is sad.
The kite is flying
The net is high
The octopus is nice to me
The pig is asleep



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.