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‘Is it-conta-gious? No-one-real-ly knows’: The Shakespearean Sonnet

In this class we focused on the Shakespearean Sonnet and iambic pentameter.  In his Sonnet #127, William Shakespeare muses on beauty and its perception as a  ‘currency’ in the modern world: […]

‘I am a pattern of the wild’: Emily Dickenson Etc…

We began this class with an exercise from writer and researcher Dr. Brene Brown’s book: Braving the Wilderness. In it, she asks a group of 8th Grade students the difference […]

Chicken Curry for the Soul: Food & Memory

Free Verse and Narrative Style poetry were explored through Latino-American, Gary Soto’s, poem Oranges. 8th Grade students explored the idea of food, memory and nostalgia, then were asked to create small […]

‘Walkedon’: William Carlos Williams Revisited

The first day of my 10 week residency at Taft with their 8th Grade classroom was filled with energy! The students were eagerly brilliant and so we dug right in […]

[love is a peace that won’t let rest]: Parting Words at Taft (#2)

As I wrap up my residency at Taft High School with their 8th Grade students, I have tremendous hope for our future. Surprised? Don’t be. 8 weeks ago, I entered […]

Mixed Media #2: The Big Ask

We began class with a few rounds of Rapid Fire Questions, where one student was timed for 30 seconds and asked to respond to a string of random questions about […]

Mixed Media #1: Headline Poems

Extra! Extra! In this lesson we looked at Headlines poems, and discussed mash up vs. cut up poems–finding poetry in the oddest places.  We then turned our attention to the […]

‘If the bird is being blue or singing,’ Shakespearean Sonnets at Taft

A long time ago , in a galaxy, NOT so far away…Shakespeare! This was our week to wrestle with The Bard, and it was a bold crew of pre-Spring Break […]

Why? Because.

Because of testing some classes ran long and some short, but that didn’t stop Taft 8th Graders from penning their own ‘Because’ poem using Yannis Ritsos’ List Poem, ‘Because’  as a […]

‘/unhappy with tranquility/’: Emily Dickenson visits Taft

For a first poem with rhyme, Ms. Taylor’s 8th Graders took a look at ‘I’m Nobody! Who are you?’ by Emily Dickenson. We talked about the internal rhyme, to whom and […]