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Why we love Summertime Chi: List Poems

In the final week of HOS at DuBois, I wanted class to be all about the students thinking about our 20-week journey together.  I passed back index cards that I had […]

Dadaism: Paper Bag Poems

  While the 6th graders wrapped up poems for Mom, the 7th graders tacked “Cut Up” poems, said to have been created by Tristan Tzara in the 1920s, during a movement […]

With Love: A Collective, Part 2

Today’s post is a special edition for all the moms: My mom, your mom, her mom and the moms of the students at Dubois Elementary school. My time there has […]

With Love: A Collective, Part 1

There are some things we never get to say, until we do. This class we discussed mothers, mother/son and mother/daughter relationships, often so complex, no one could truly measure their […]

Weaving Words and Worlds: Tapestry and Folding Poems

I got sucked into the Netflix original 13 Reasons Why a few weeks ago, and though it was uncomfortable and nerve wrecking, I had to see it through. I knew […]

Seasons of Change: Haiku for You

Today’s children need our ear. No-really. It may seem, more than any other, that this generation is heard: the internet, social media, smart phones every day, every moment in tow, […]

Penning the Line Between Love and Hate

Last week we met on a Tuesday. I was happy to see the students; it had been too long. They had not forgotten about poetry though, as I requested. For […]

Writing in Place: City of Wind Edition

March 10, at DuBois Elementary, was an interesting day. The classes I worked with were self-contained, so I joined the 6th graders in a different classroom than our traditional meeting […]

Writing in Place: Springtime Chi

When I was in 2nd grade, I competed in a poetry contest: the topic was spring. My poem was short and sweet and it rhymed. It came in second place to a […]

Celebrating Love: The Evolution of a Sonnet-Finale and…

In preparation of this week’s post, I have reflected on three events that have always symbolized renewal for me. Whether you are Catholic or not, chances are, you have noticed […]