With Love: A Collective, Part 2

Today’s post is a special edition for all the moms: My mom, your mom, her mom and the moms of the students at Dubois Elementary school. My time there has been truly valuable, and I want to say thank you because how wonderful and sweet and dedicated these students are is a reflection of the work you do everyday. I don’t have much to say today,  but that while the 7th graders explore Dadaism, and constructed cut up poems, the 6th graders, as promised, wrote poems in the tradition of Juan Felipe Herrera’s poem My Mother’s Name Lucha. With this collection, there was a danger in all of the poems sounding and looking the same, but as I walked around the room and read their drafts, I understood the level to which my budding poets have found their voices. Each one of them brings an undeniable uniqueness to the page, and this week I didn’t let them leave me behind…I am amazed and touched by what they did. For all the work you do, for all the love you give and the contribution you make to the world, I hope you all enjoy these priceless gifts. Happy Mother’s Day!

my mothers name Lucha

6th Grade

Nashawndius W.
My Mom

My Mom likes to take me to the movies

The things that like about my mom is her LOVE

what is important to me is she does a lot for me

what me and my mom like to do together is “going out”

but if she’s mad   I’m mad so I hope she stays happy

and my mom gave me anything I want that’s why I love her

My love    her heart

Keyonna West

Her hands  my hands kindnesses   sing   I listen

a place we can call home

my mom is everything                     you

cook, clean, take me places            that’s

why     I     love     you           even though

I get on your nerve and you get on mine

I still love you, I show you all

love I have for you              I cant explain

How much I love you lady

Navarra T.
Mother, Dear

Hearts                    Love                    Hope
Hugs                  kisses

kindness           sweetness

Leaving     Going           Bowling
Out                                    playing
Love      hearts               together

Father                               Father
Departing                   Leaving
Hate                                disappointment
Heart                           Breaking

Fun                              times
Love                       rhymes
Twists                          turns
Love                       returns

William G.

Sometimes real sometimes fake but my mother will always carry me there with some love and care

There’s love in her cooking   love in her food   love in everything she makes

Even though we live in the darkest place, she is always there to light up the place

What she does is care for me and my brothers

Jamil M.

My mom is like a flower
I will cherish forever
You    me     downtown       fireworks
4th of July.  You are
funny and very sweet
My mom    I will always
L   O   V   E   Y   O   U
M       O       M
You are the stars in my heart.

Malachi L.
My mom sometime hugs and pinch me
Go out to eat and have fun
And we go to the mall to shop
And get me some new clothes and sometimes
Shoes from “Kids Foot Locker” and
We spend a lot of time together
And she sometimes gives me
money to go to the store and
get candy with my brothers.
She was born 1973 and 2011. And
I will give her respect.

Shariel H.

She loves me

We cuddle   I fall asleep

You    singling     to   us   you   I

Home     our     House

November 2004       January 1985     Mommy

Cute        funny pictures

She loves me

I love her

I will cherish you!!!

Destiny W.
My Bug

Your love     my love   our love

Breathtaking      funny     pretty   laughing

We shop     go out to eat       bonding

Mother of the year     my day     her day   our day

Feed me     help me     pick me up    be there

My heart       soul       lock   key

August 18, 2004

Daughter    mother       us   together

Kaniya H.
Love Affection

Your hugs   my hugs

Love      kind     funny     quiet

Movies                    shopping

April 1986       to         April 2005

Bonding        love       caring     for-each

other           she   loves   me     hugs me

Love my momma

with all my heart.

I bow to you

Amarion T.
Happy Mother’s Day

You and me walking
Happiness    singing   loving
Chicago Illinois
May 18   April 29
play      talk to each other
this makes me who I am today
you make me, me

Cherif H.

There is one thing I care
About more than myself and that is you
You were the one that kept me in shape.
I like to see you play   I love to see you
Happy. I love how you don’t sit on the
couch feeling crappy. From 9:47 am on
February 21, 2005 till the day of my death
You will always stay by my side even if
things are a mess. You kept food in my stomach
but I didn’t get how selfish I could
be to not appreciate what I had
you worked so hard for. You helped
when I was sick and sad. Even when I
made you mad.
I love you mom and you will
always be in my heart.

Kathy Elaine, Mama
After Juan Felipe Herrera

My face in your hands         lips to forehead

Heart filled laughs         coast to coast smile       kindness      care

Chicago Southside     1505     2336       home wherever we go

Georgia 1952       Lying In 1979       wife     mother       warrior

You dance     fill the house with music           say prayers

Everything gathered             we are here               now

Love abounds
Our lives                 always

I am                                                         with you

Chanell Ruth

With Love…



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.