Price Elementary

Anthology of Student Verse
Simile, Fall & Halloween.
Submitted by Marissa Spalding on October 29, 2009 - 8:47pm.
This week we learned all about a poetic device called Simile.  We went over examples and even worked through correcting similes that were written incorrectly.  We learned that a simile describes something by comparing it to something else that is completely different, but shares a particular trait.  For example, when asked what a lion sounds like some of the students said, thunderstorm - and when asked what the moon looks like some said, flashlight. We also went over the two magic linking words that help us create a simile - like and as.  After brainstorming some ideas on the board as a class on the topics Fall and Halloween we wrote some of our own wonderful examples of simile. 

Please enjoy our first try at creating some similes, and look for our poems next week that will also showcase our understanding of simile.

4th grade:

Najah  H.

The costumes are dark as a haunted house.

Micesha T.

My pom poms sound like maracas.

Te'Avion B.

The leaves on the trees are like colorful dresses.

Mikayla M.

Chocolate looks like bark on a tree when the leaves fall off. 

Robert D.

The trees are as big as a giant.

6th grade:

Ahmari M.

Eating Halloween candy quickly is like being on a roller coaster.

Devonta A.

Winter is cold like a frozen pool of water.

Terry B.

My earmuffs on my ears were as warm as it was in my house.

Meagan J.

The devil costume was black and white like a soccer ball.

DeJionna J.

The haunted houses were as scary as the wind in Chicago during the fall time.