Billy Collins’ Most Excellent Adventure!


For our final poem at Washington, I chose, On Turning Ten by Billy Collins. The poem has one looking back while at the same time, looking forward…apropos for a great group […]

It Doesn’t Change Me –– Leadership Poems 💪 @ Darwin Elementary


This week in poetry: leadership! Darwin Elementary teaches leadership qualities at every grade level. As the school got ready for a leadership writing contest, the 2nd grade teachers asked if we […]

As the Frost Covers the Window I See a Winter Wonderland –– Haikus @ Moos


This week in poetry: haiku! We find ourselves on the cusp on seasons right now, a good time to reflect on the particular qualities of each one. This week the […]



Last week, we read and discussed Carrie Fountain‘s “Theory of Perfection.” One of the first things we did was define theory; I then asked if it was really possible to […]

Penning the Line Between Love and Hate


Last week we met on a Tuesday. I was happy to see the students; it had been too long. They had not forgotten about poetry though, as I requested. For […]

Six Points Reading Series featuring: Amira Hanafi


Join the Poetry Center of Chicago at Read/Write Library for the April installment of the Six Points Reading Series! This month we are pleased to welcome Amira Hanafi on April […]

I Will Never Forget That Dragon: Dream Poems @ Moos


This week the second graders wrote their dreams, some as lists of dreams and wishes, others a narrative in a poem of one, especially fabulous dream they love to remember. […]

Mixed Media: 1 & 2: Race, Power, Bias, Without Question


The past two sessions we focused on how one might discover poetry in one’s everyday lives– through the poem, Q&A from Erratic Fire, Erratic Passion: The Poetry of Sports Talk by Pasha Mala […]

Six Points Reading Series: Maria Barnas & Patricia Rose


Join the Poetry Center of Chicago at the Museum of Contemporary Photography for another March installment of the Six Points Reading Series! Thursday, March 30th 6:00PM – 8:00PM Museum of […]

Poetry Is a Family of Words –– Poetry is @ Moos


This week the 3rd grade students wrote their very own Ars Poetica. Now quite a few weeks into their residency, its time for these poets to let us know what […]