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Anthology of Student Verse
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Submitted by Rachel Javellana on June 19, 2011 - 10:23pm.

"How-to" poems are simply poems that somehow use the format of instructions, often in surprising ways. "How to See Deer" by Philip Booth is a how-to poem that also has some interesting structures: it's written in enjambed tercets...simply, three-line stanzas (tercets) that have sentences which wrap around and continue from one stanza to the next (enjambment). Students also connected with the natural imagery in the piece. See the poem here to see what I mean.

Students played with the idea of instructions and enjambed stanzas in order to create their own "how-to"s, some of which give very practical advice, and others try to instruct about some tasks that aren't so straightforward.

Room 329

How to See a Good Mood Work
Wendy M.

When something
happens just
really find your

mood in
your body.
Don't forget it!

Your mood will
see what is
going on.

So mood is going
to either make you
happy, sad, mad,

weird and other
moods, but just
don't lose your mood.

Remember you
only get a chance
to get a mood,

so don't lose
it or you
will die.

How to Stay Out of Conflict
Destiny F.

Forget fighting.
No gossip at school.
Don't get in other people's business--

you get in trouble. Scream
talk listen shhh no don't
tell on me. Please go away,

teacher gets in Hello
Mom I got detention
and I'm suspended.

No don't come to school
you'll make it worse
ouch she hit me.

Slam goes the car
door I'm gone.

How to See Wind
Ariel R.

Looking into the sky
I see wind
whirling in the

sun like a yellow
bee making
its way down

the road
I see wind

writings on the wall
don't stop
My Shine

forget the sun
and clouds
the wind

it's all we got

How to Dance
Aranza A.

Delicous, delicious is dance
with the person that you love.
All peopel are funny and
few are
nice and sweet and
sometimes delicous like
caramelo or like the caramelo
mocha of McDonald's its
effect is so delicious

This is how we dance


Room 327

How to Run Baby
Esmeralda L.

You can crawl
but you can't
kick or punch I
don't know maybe
you do at home
The park carries
trees and grass
and many more.
Baby you cry
like a cat you
hide and never
want to come out
Come on baby
let's go for a walk
with our brother
to the park, come on.

How to run to walk
Esmeralda A.

Play hide-n-seek
walk when you duck
to hide from
monsters and aliens

Play with them
they're waiting for
you to come out
and play with them

How to Draw
Mario O.

First think
of something
like a

theme perhaps
a car.

Second, get a pencil,
paper, eraser, and
coloring pencils
or marker.

Third, begin drawing
your theme.

Forth, when finished,
show to everyone
or hang it up.