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Anthology of Student Verse
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Descriptive Poems
Submitted by Sarah Janczak on October 23, 2008 - 8:15pm.
In the 8th grade class at McCutcheon we talked about the importance of description in poetry.

We read Grammar of Sparrows by Tony Hoagland. The students each selected one image from the poem and expanded on that image to write a descriptive poem.

Here are three of their excellent poems:

The Colors of Birds
by Michael A.

Have you ever seen the colors of Birds,
The color expressed in their feathers,
The color of love and understanding,
Have you seen the colors of their soul?

One color for everything,
So beautiful in the summer,
Wanting friendship when winter comes,
Awaiting wisdom from others;

Have you ever seen the colors of people
The colors of intelligence
The colors in their heart
Have you ever seen the color expressed on their face?

Everybody with different colors
Rainbows all around
I've never seen colors black or white
When it comes to the color of birds.

Life Trial
by Aaron K

A pale vast sky
a dark and cloudy evening
the wind blows furiously
As the leaves blow away
I feel multiple feelings inside me

Then suddenly a light
a new begining
I can feel the heat upon my face
The birds fly the children play
A new begining a new begining

"House for Rent, Unfurnished"
by Rodolfo L

The house is at a point to fall down,
the weather outside is windy,
it is seeming about to fall down,
the windows slamming themselves on
the wall.
You hear the footsteps of a person
coming towards you,
You look back and there is nobody,
It's only that old squeeky floor you
are stepping on.

The house is as old as your grandparents
and you hear the wind busting in your old
windows. You go outside because you get
scared, and the minute you leave the house,
the house falls down into shreds.