Will You Support the Fund?

Our 3rd annual Hands On Stanzas Scholarship Campaign is live!   Please: donate and spread the word for our student poets across Chicago. And check out our fabulous new video […]

Six Points Reading Series ft. Jenny Molberg, Erin Adair-Hodges, and Sarah Nordgren

Wednesday, March 21 6:30- 8 PM Unabridged Bookstore 3251 N Broadway Join the Poetry Center of Chicago at Unabridged Bookstore for the March installment of the Six Points Reading Series! […]

Six Points Reading Series ft. Lynn Xu & Jennifer Roche

Join the Six Points Reading Series for a night of poetry and projections! Thursday, February 22 7 PM – 8:30 PM Sector 2337 + Green Lantern Press 2337 N Milwaukee […]

‘I was sailing in a small fishing boat.’: Meditation Poems

Students participated in a 10- minute creative writing meditation and breathing exercise. I read them I Close My Eyes by David Ignatow.  After the meditation, they were asked to write […]

‘You’re Latina, right?’ : The Question Poem

We opened class by playing a few rounds of Rapid Fire Questions ( a set of random questions that a student tried to answer in under a minute) before we […]

“Park to-go then space to-go.” – Direction Poems @ Moos Elementary

Today at Moos, we wrote directional poems! We started the day by drawing our houses,  wrote real and imaginary directions to them, and then combined the two types of directions […]

Uncommon Sense

“Paradoxes and Oxymorons” is the title of this week’s poem, by the late American poet John Ashbery. After hearing it read aloud by student volunteers, we considered how it was […]

‘An po, to mrove my love…’ : Creative Syntax in Poetry

Students were given nonsense words and asked to create their own pronunciations and definitions, before delving into Kevin Young’s poem of altered cliché’s, Errata. ‘Errata’ means an error in a text. […]

‘You left as fast as a pitch good-bye’: Simile

We explored Simile in Michael Ondaaje’s poem,  Sweet Like A Crow.  We also talked about using epigraphs and dedications in verse. Lesson Note:  Students played the Pictionary-style game, ‘Draw That […]


This week’s classes were structured a little differently. First, I made sure the students had their paper prepared with proper headings for the writing they’d do later; I then asked […]

‘Because art is for everyone to see’

This week we looked at Yannis Ritsos’ poem, Because. We talked about the short form of poetry and the Volta: the place in a poem where it takes a ‘turn of […]