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‘Esto libro es mi vida’: The ‘A’ List

This lesson circulated around the concept of lists. Through Albert Goldbarth’s  List Poem, Library (truncated for our purposes here), we  began class by making lists of nouns that described memories. The […]

‘Is it-conta-gious? No-one-real-ly knows’: The Shakespearean Sonnet

In this class we focused on the Shakespearean Sonnet and iambic pentameter.  In his Sonnet #127, William Shakespeare muses on beauty and its perception as a  ‘currency’ in the modern world: […]

‘I am a pattern of the wild’: Emily Dickenson Etc…

We began this class with an exercise from writer and researcher Dr. Brene Brown’s book: Braving the Wilderness. In it, she asks a group of 8th Grade students the difference […]

The Six Points Reading Series 2018 Season starts off with a reading and workshop featuring Kaveh Akbar & Tarfia Faizullah!

The Six Points Reading Series is back for our 2018 season! This month, we welcome Kaveh Akbar & Tarfia Faizullah. January 26, 2018 Poetry Workshop with Kaveh Akbar 10:30 AM […]

Chicken Curry for the Soul: Food & Memory

Free Verse and Narrative Style poetry were explored through Latino-American, Gary Soto’s, poem Oranges. 8th Grade students explored the idea of food, memory and nostalgia, then were asked to create small […]

‘…show us the bitter meaning of/ love’: Sun Talks To Poet (s)

A lesson on Personification, giving human qualities to something non-human, was our third lesson. We took a look at Frank O’Hara’s touching and somewhat mystifying poem, A True Account of Talking […]

‘Walkedon’: William Carlos Williams Revisited

The first day of my 10 week residency at Taft with their 8th Grade classroom was filled with energy! The students were eagerly brilliant and so we dug right in […]


My first day of my 20 week residency at Washington really wowed me! The students were eagerly brilliant and so we dug right in to examine William Carlos William’s minimalist […]

50% Off Poetry Prints and Broadsides Today!

This holiday season you can support the Poetry Center of Chicago while getting your shopping done! On Cyber Monday, PCC is offering 50% off our large collection of limited edition […]

CALL FOR POETS & DANCERS: Join Body Passages in 2018!

Body Passages is a poetry and dance incubator that provides workshops and performances that center around the intersectionality between these media. Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble (CDE) and Poetry Center of Chicago […]