Silver is Silly like a Silly Person: Color personification at Avondale

Ms. Batres
3rd Grade

John G. 

Rojo es pintura.
Rojo es la bandera.
Rojo es las manzanas.
Rojo es para los labios.
Rojo es sangre.
Rojo es para los carros.
Rojo es para las playeras.
Rojo es crayolas.
Rojo es sillas para calce.
Rojo es lapices.
Rojo es dulces.
Rojo es una rosa.
Rojo es un pantalon.




Red is paint.
Red is the flag.
Red is the apples.
Red is for the lips.
Red is blood.
Red is for the cars.
Red is for the shirts.
Red is crayons.
Red is chairs that fit.
Red is pencils.
Red is sweets.
Red is a rose.
Red is a pair of pants.


Pretty Pink
Bianca L.

My color likes to sing and dance
My color pink loves
My color loves pink bubble gum

My color loves pigs they are pink
My color is pretty like a star
My color loves hearts they are pink

My color loves pink cotton candy
My color loves pink cake
My color loves pink  grass


The Silvery Poem
Daniel B.

The color is silver and it likes
to eat a lot. He is silly like a
silly person. It is friendly.

Its silver and its cool. It isn’t
afraid of nothing except of a ruler.
It is calm when its score.

Silver and too silver. Crabby
patty. To shiny too shiny.
Like a silvery sniffery fluffy tuffy.


Ms. Pease
3rd Grade


Do-Do and Pow-Pow!
Itzel C.

Gold is the color of knowledge
Gold is the color of bananas
Gold is the color of butter
Gold is the color of light

Gold is the color of a highlighter
Gold is the color of the sun
Gold is the color of a pencil
Gold is the color of stars dancing in the sky

Gold is the color of an emoji
Gold is the color of science
Gold is the color of a dress
Gold is the color of kindness


Blue likes and loves 21
Henry A.

Blue likes cakes.
Blue likes video games.
Blue likes to go outside.
Blue likes not to go to school.

Blue likes his friends red and gold.
Blue likes the sky.
Blue loves popcorn.
Blue loves soda.

Blue likes the park.
Blue likes the number 21.
Blue likes McDonalds.
Blue likes his life.



Yellow Rules
Gerardo N. 

Yellow is my kind of color.
Yellow has no fear.
Yellow works as hard as a hornet.
Yellow is as free as could be.

Yellow’s color is the same as the sun, earth, core.
Yellow has had many journeys.
Yellow is always in a shy mood.
Yellow is so cool.

Yellow is very wise.
Yellow fights for rights.
Yellow is very surprising.


Ms. Miller
3rd Grade


Money Maker Gold
Nelson C.

Gold is rich
Gold is in Fortnite
Gold plays baseball

Gold tastes like money
Gold is good at math
Gold is good at language arts.

Gold is awesome
Gold is an actor
Gold is like superman


Live Art
Riku S.

brown eats cereal
blue is sad
green is sick

purple is happy
black is grumpy
white is helpful

red is sleepy
pink is smelling flowers
orange is playing video games

gray is telling stories


Red Life
Enoch N.

Red likes to play Happy Wheels and Stickman Battlefields.
Red likes to play soccer and basketball.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.