A strawberry is an ocean / A strawberry is a squishing

Ms. Batres
3rd Grade


Jose M.

You are bouncing in a ball
the ball bounces everywhere
a ball builds a bridge

its a soccer ball
its a face
is a rock

its a rolling pin
its a circle
its a ball


a apple
Alejandro C.

A green slide into.
is a red thing out side.
it has ants in side.

out there we eat that red thing
because it is yummy the apple.
the apple is delicious.

I love the apple.
and the apple is green.
and the apple is yellow.

and the apple is red.


Someone Puts A Watermelon Together
Christian A.

A big beehive with a lot of bees
A volcano that is cut in half.
a big green smile.

A red and green jelly.
A green and red moon.
A green and red boomerang.

A green and red skate park.
A big red pool with people.
A big foot ball


Ms. Pease
3rd Grade


Adamaris S.

1,000 dragon eggs
A million sparkles
1,000 little suns

1,000 little ants
little yellow clay
little hexagons

A ball of fire
1,000 yellow papers
1,000 yellow erasers


Fruitilicious Strawberries
Jenniah N.

A strawberry is a pile of worms in a bowl
A strawberry is a pokemon with 100 eyes
A strawberry is a red plate

A strawberry is a ocean
A strawberry is a squishing
A strawberry has a million seeds

A strawberry is candy
A strawberry is cute
A strawberry is yummy

A strawberry has 10 leaves

A strawberry is red
A strawberry is nice
A strawberry is foolish
A strawberry is smart

A strawberry is famous
A strawberry is cool


Maximiliano T.

A Mango the size of a house
A bird of bananas

A apple is a size of a piano
A pile of watermelons
A plan full of strawberries

A pineapple made out lava


Ms. Miller
3rd Grade


The Watermelon
Carina L.

A red, green and black rainbow
A pool covered in ants
A vine covered in ants

A ball at the beach
A garden covered in seeds
A rock covered in vines

A red smile in red
A moon with stars
A sad face with stars


Somebody Puts a Watermelon Together
Natalie M.

a bowl of punch.
a pool of green slime.
a bowl of seeds.

a bowl of ans
a red banana
a bowl of red slime

a boat of slime


I Love Watermelon
Jacquez L.

A red banana on a green ocean
A red moon in the green sky
A big red bowl

A big green bell
Red juice in a green cup
A green sun with black dots

Seeds growing in the red ground
A red snake in the green grass
A green bird with black eyes



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.