Character Poems @ Edwards Elementary

This week at Edwards, we discussed characters! We talked about how poets and writers create character plans to help them build a world and story for a character. Then, students either created their own characters or picked from a list of characters in order to create a poem about them. 

Mrs. Campos
4th Grade

The River Girl
Anamarie S.

The river girl
wants to control
the lake.


The Invisible Boy
Jesse R. 

The invisible boy wants to be seen.
But the villain wants him to be invisible forever.
Another invisible kid helps him.
People can only see him at night.


The Drum Dream Girl
Brianna M. 

The Drum Dream Girl wants to play drums.
But only the boys can play the drums.
Her teacher helps her learn how to play.
She plays at the starlit cafe.
She felt free by playing the drums.


Mrs. Neri
4th Grade

The Birddle’s Dream Comes True
Saul P.

A birddle is a bird and a turtle.
There was a little baby birddle.
His name was Saul.
His dream was to fly.

But one day,
there was an old birddle
and they told Saul,
“You will never fly.”

The next day,
Saul asked his friend Kyle
if he could teach him to fly.
Kyle said OK.

After seven months,
Saul learned to fly
and the other two
big birddles were jealous
cause Saul could fly better
than them.


The Shy Girl 
Lesli C.

Her dream was to not be shy.
One day, boys bullied her and
she became shyer.

Her dad helped her to speak, laugh,
and talk to other people.

One day, the teacher told her to
speak, and she was not shy.


The Invisible Boy 
Israel J. 

The kid’s dream was to be invisible.
He did not know the potion for invisibility.
The scientist helped him and then the boy
was invisible. But the boy noticed
that he could not see and no longer
wanted to be invisible.


Ms. Guillen
4th Grade

La Niña de Flores 
Joselyn N. 

La niña sueña de tener
un jardin lleno de flores.

La niña quiere su cuarto
lleno de flores
ye su papa lo deda.


The Green Boy
Adriel M.

You want to be blue.
The evil scientist has the potion.


The Drama Person
Bryseida D. 

The Drama Person is being sarcastic
to a girl that is a nerd.
She is telling her that
she is pretty and that her BFF
was also being sarcastic.

Then the girls told the teacher
and the teacher told her
to stop being sarcastic
and she went to the girl
and said sorry.
Feeling good, they hug.


Ms. Andrade
4th Grade

Trying to Be Famous 
Alize G. 

To be famous.
But I am bad at everything.
My friend Noelia tells me to
believe in myself.
I practice singing.
I feel like myself.


Andrea N.

My mom’s dream is makeup.
My dream for my b-day is slime.
My dream is to be an astronaut.
My dream character is Spongebob.
My dream is to be an artist.


The Cooking Boy 
Ariana H.

The cooking boy wants to cook.
But only girls can cook.
His mom helps his son.
He cooks in a restaurant.
Not only women can cook.


Ms. Resendiz
4th Grade

The Super Hero Boy
Anthony G.

This kid wanted to be a superhero.
That was his dream.
The bad thing is that there might be
bad effects with his superpowers.

He told his dad, “what will
happen if there are bad effects?”
His dad said “it’s OK.”

The next morning, the kid
had superpowers-
superspeed and superstrength,
and was so happy about his wish.


The Soccer Player
Ismael A.

They would like to score 25 goals.
The player needs to train more.
The coach helps him work harder.
Messi beats his score, Messi gets a victory.


The Car Boy
Isaac Z.

The Car Boy dreamed to be a car.
The Car Boy dreamed again of being a car.
And one morning,
he turned into a car.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.