Insecurity System

Moos – Week 9

This class looked at Audre Lorde’s “Hanging Fire.” I like it because of the equal value it gives ashy skin to death, and the mysterious repetition of her (supposed) uncaring mother. It worked really well as a model text for the students because of that repetition and because of the universality of insecurity.

Also, at one point, one of the students asked the lord for help in her poem. Then she asked Audre Lorde for help. “O Lorde help me! Audre Lorde help me!” It was beautiful.


Ms. Ramirez – 4th Grade


“Will I Past”

Mia A.


Will I ever past 4th grade. Maybe

I will break a arm. I write with them

I won’t past. Or I need to leave early when

ISAT is about to start. Or I got murderd but

they fix me when ISAT is over. What if there

is a math problem that

could put my grades better? I

got braces and can’t talk. What if

I need good grades past too and I only got

bad grades. Will I live with all this worries?


Angel J.


I am worried

about cows getting killed and

turned into burgers. Why I am

worried about cows? Because cows

are my favorite animals.

“I’m Worryed about a Snow Storm”



I am worried that a snow storm

will tear down my house and my

mom is washing dishes.


I am worried that the snow storm

will break my bed and rip my clothes

and my mom is washing dishes.


I am worried the snow storm will

take my toys and clothes then

I will have nothing to play with

or I will not change my clothes because

I will not have no more.

Ms. Morales – 6th grade

“My Life”

Rosy Munoz


Every day I go to school my

friend always say “ahh” but

every time I go to lunch kids

always stare at me. How

come Oscar always pokes me?


When my friend always plays

she gets mad. When my friend wants

to play with me she touches

me, and how come Oscar always

pokes me?


When my friend hits me I get

mad, but after I sit down to

make bracelets, she always wants

one – and how come Oscar always

pokes me?


When I go to school I’m always

tired. After reading class we get a

math test, and how come Oscar

always pokes me?


My friend annoys me when she wants

something, but more anoying are boys

who play dirty and please, how

come Oscar always pokes me?


“I am Insecuritie for my Mom”

Tyla R.


I am insecure for my mom

‘cause when she goes to work then comes

back at 3:00 and if my brother and sister

get on her nerves

she will say that she wishes that she

can go jump off of a brige.


When she says that, it makes me mad and

want to punch the wall in my room and

it makes me want to cry and when I do

she will come in my room

then tell me that she is sorry

and tell me how she feels when my

brothers and sister

make her mad and I just feel

like slapping them.

“Monday’s Are The Worst”

Oscar R.


Today is Monday

the worst day of

the week. I have

school, then after school

is homework like always.

Then after Monday is Tuesday

and it goes on and on.

Finally it’s Friday, but

the teacher gives us our

report and Monday’s are the WORST!!!


It’s Monday again

but today we have ISATS

the most important test of Elementary.

I showed my report card to

my parents. The only bad grade

I had was a D- which is

surprising to me. I think why

are ISATS so big? Mondays are the


Ms. Moss – 4th grade


“Why Do I Hate Storms?”

Kevin S.


Why do I hate storms? Why

do I hide when pillows and blankets and

my mom’s just shopping? Why

in the summer I look out the window

and my brother’s just playing

video games and tornados

going on?




Will my family ever hate me?

Am I smart or am I dum? Will

I die from the weather? Will I

ever get a job? Am I a good

reader? Will my dad

leave my side?




I am nine

and I want to know if I’m

doing right

or wrong. Am I smart

like the others in my class? Am

I going to embarrass myself

sooner or later? Will my family

have my back even if I do

something wrong?



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.