2 Legit 2 Quit

TEAM Englewood – Week 9

This week I decided to teach abstract concepts to students who could actually conceive of them (no offense to my 4th graders).  However, we did have this exchange:

me: write about an abstract concept.
student: what’s that?
me: something you can’t touch.
them: like MC Hammer?

And now, the poems:


Ms. Dube – 9th grade

5th Period


“On Money”

Jerale C.


When you working and get a check

that’s money. The clothes you have on

cost money. Those new J’s you got

cost money. That weave you got

cost money. The root of all evil

is money. Guess what you need?

Money. Everybody is paid with money.

These big stupid screws you want

cost money. A lot of people die

over money, get betrayed over

money. So I guess money

is everything.

“I Like Money”

Mentrez R.


I like money

more money

equals less problems


make me feel rich


Kierra W.


Real love

I ain’t never met that

Cuz they say it’s only real

if it comes back. I never met

real love

but I wish I can find it, I think it’s

been hiding somewhere in my closet

somewhere behind it. I wish

I met real love, I wish, I do, but

I know that that real love

is not coming from you.

Real love

I just really wanna find it.

Ms. Dube – 9th grade

7th Period


“No Love”

Marquis D.


Love is in the air

and I smack it down like a fly

and step on it, spit on it,

chew it and spit it out

who care about love? Love

is faker than a barbie doll. Never

fall in love, love will get you killed. Love

is just a word. It’s like gum under my shoes. Love

is like a bug that keep coming around

and I wish it would go away. It keeps buzzing

and hissing and I’m about to kill

this love bug everyone’s so fud(??) of.


(When he read his poem aloud, he added the line “Love is evil. Don’t believe me? Then just spell it backwards.”)


“On Excitement”

Damien C.


Students screaming and tearing

their skin off that school is out. Jumping

for joy like they have won 1 million

dollars. The expression on their faces

when they see gifts under the tree

when it is Christmas.

“On Crazi”

Robert F.


I’m so crazy

when someone bump into me and say

“excuse me”

I still beat them up. I’m so

crazy, when I walk down the hall

I trip over nothing. I’m so crazy

when I go out to eat and the waitress

say “can I take your order?” I say

“Hell no! get out of my face!”

Ms. Dube – 9th grade

8th Period



“On Space”

Jabarri D.


O no it can’t be! O no it can’t be!

I am the only one here. How can you not

see me? O no, please, someone help!

Feel it. Smell it. Think about it. Find

a way that I can get out of here. How did

I get up here? Am I flying? How fast

will I fall? Can I be on space? Someone

tell me what is going on!

You asleep

You asleep

Please tell me it not a bad dream

I fall

I fall

I fall

now I’m awake.


James C.


Pain is something no one can feel

I think of it as a disgusting meal

It hurts really bad

You’ll think it would heal

you’ll stress and stress

It would make you wanna go do a drill

“On Goals”

Angel E.


I can barely reach it

but I’m almost there

I have goals

graduate, succeed, achieve

I’m going to make it



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.