Space Cadets

This week at Skinner we read “Theories of Time and Space” by US Poet Laureate, Natasha Trethewey. Students thought the poem was about following directions, being on a trip or traveling, since in the beginning the speaker says you “can get there from here, though / there’s no going home. // Everywhere you go will be somewhere / you’ve never been.” I asked if that last part was true, and we talked about how even during a week of following a familiar schedule at school, nothing is ever exactly the same: our attitude can be different, for example, from moment to moment. We also thought about the images in the poem — driving in a car on the highway, reaching a coastline, seeing boats with riggings like “loose stitches” against a darkening sky. Is the narrator the poet, or somebody else? And what does the ending mean, with its description of a photo of the speaker “waiting” for when they return? We came up with some good answers, if nothing definitive, as befits the best poems.

For the prompt this week, I focused on Trethewey’s “tome of memory,” asking the 2nd graders to write their own poems about something they vividly remember. Read on!

Ms. Ellis
Room 221

When you
Gamar A

have fun with your friends —
you break up — but you always
get together — so choose
wisely — memories will help
you choose — make good lessons —
you should help — when you
do you will know it helps — because
you can’t go without your
family and friends.

Luke B.

Christmas Christmas when will you
come I have been waiting
your sweet smell you’re louder than
a bell oh Christmas if I owned
you I would never sell you.

A Bee
Justin G.

In class there was —
a bee.

It was bad and
I didn’t like it but —

I dealed with it and
I did my work.

Keshaiyah Q.

I remember the trees on ice I’m skating
everywhere but not on ice we still dance
still sing please give me a seat.

But then I went to Florida and I saw
Bahamas everywhere I know I see it
in my view.

I went to space see Earth I see planets
I want to go home but remember
look at your view.

Delia R.

I remember
when I was
little and I
went to Florida
and had so much
fun! I went to
my hotel I even
got a book I
got a lot of shells —
my grandma
got me a little
stuffed turtle I swam
in the pool and
I went through the
octopus’ squirts
it was so fun!

Valeria R.

When I stay at home. When
my dad or mom leaves I take
a picture. Then I feel

I Remember the Time
Gabrielle S.

I remember the time when
my grandfather died.
I saw it happen, he was

My grandmother cried,
I was so sad. I was only
two years old and sisters, brothers,
they cried too!

My grandfather fell to the
ground, he lay there for two hours.
I crawled around and saw him
there, I whined for my
grandmother. But for some reason I
didn’t cry.

I was in Florida. It was a nice day!
But my Grandad practically already

My Vacation
Jarvis T.

I remember when I went to the
Bahamas with my family
and we played in the pool and
swam and ate ice cream and ate
lunch then got on a plane.

Mrs. Beaudry
Room 217

My Memory

Isabella B.

My memory

is when I
slept crazy.
I once
slept like
a crazy
I slept
half standing
up and
on my

Ronald C.

I was little little as a baby.
I liked keys.

Nathalia G.

Today, I am 8.
The easy times are gone.

I cannot crawl up in my parents’
bed when I have a nightmare.
A glare strongly cleans my hair gently.

The rememberies when I would make
up words in a book when I was 3.
And make my daddy go to sleep.

Another time that I recall,
broke my leg when I was 10 months.
But I strongly felt my heart.
I smiled a little and felt my smartness.

These rememberies hop in my brain.
I love them that I recall

My Family
Maya L.

When I was born I saw
a girl with a red shirt.

When I was about 2

I saw a grandmom I
found out she was mine

and all those memories
I remember that was
my family.

Ingrid L.

Once when I
was one or two
I got a sucker.

I sucked on
it and sucked
on it and then
it got stuck.

It got stuck
on my shirt
and then I
started crying
and yelled…
“Where is
my sucker?!”

And it was
really really
really loud.

Aadi R.

I remember when
I was four
I ate double
scooped chocolate
ice cream

My dad got it
too it was
really good
and chocolatey

I remember
because I
saw the

Caitlin T.

When I went to Guangzhou
I ate a cool bun.

After that I went to Shanghai.
I loved that little bun.

Trey T.

Everglades and Disney World
All part of their swamps

Some are fun some are hot
Even like my baby bot

Hotels and resorts their
Pools cool you off,

And you might even have a souvenir!

Mrs. Rupp
Room 219

My Memory
Nikita A.

There is something you remember
about trees and leaves.

When you walk on grass and
you see:

lovely trees heading North
and a beautiful sight

of green where you head
South 49 on Madison River

for nice seagulls that
gaze in the water

with a boat driving.
When you come

up on the ship
someone will take your autograph:

their autograph will return

I Remember Ouch!
Gavin B.

I remember the time
when my sister scratched
me right by my eye! Ouch!

My sisters and I were at
my cousin’s house and
my sister scratched me

This is the third year
I’ve had the scar but you
can hardly notice it!

Rebecca F.

My story begins with my very, very
1st day of school at pre-school.

I was so scared I wanted my mom to
come in so she did. When I entered I
ran behind my mom.

Her skin was dark and I thought she
was a wolf.

As I entered my classroom, I learned
that friends are better than everything
even your family.

And now I go to school alone
even today.

The Fire Drill
Ciara G.

Today we were on the 3rd
floor, waiting for the drill.

Then when our teacher
walked out the door to
the stairs the fire alarm
rang and the doors slammed
shut. Thud, Thud Thuddd!

My Memory
Alonzo M.

Once upon a time, this was last
year and it was on Christmas.

When I woke up my dad kept
on saying it’s Christmas it’s Christmas.

After my dad had to go to work
in the morning (early in the morning).

When he came back I got
to open my presents.

My presents were Pokemon cards,
Xbox One, Pokemon toys, and puzzles.

After I played with them
a lot. It was fun, fun, fun.

My dad was very surprised.
I think Santa is not real.

My mom was surprised too.
After that I was surprised.

After that my dog was
very surprised. Even my

dog was surprised more
than me.

My Memories of Atlanta
Sunshine P.

My memories of Atlanta
are quite the adventure
if you ask me

I think you’ll like to
hear it as a story

If you ask me
I’ll tell you it

But I’d rather
you read this

The Memory
Om R.

A memory I have
I have a memory
7 years so

I was a baby
Then at that time

I used to bang
Utensils together

My mom said it
Was my playtime

I did not know
What I was doing

Childhood Life
Joy S.

I have memory of:
Death, Life, Love and Hate

Memories show how you feel,
how you Love, Hate
how you cry, laugh

My memory is:
trips, goals, contests

Memories show how you work,
dance, sleep, eat.

My memory is a death in a family
2013, Feb, Valentine’s Day morning.
My great aunt had a stroke

I couldn’t take it I cried, had
strange behavior and I
was sad.

I will never forget my great aunt
a sad memory.

Mrs. Stone
Room 216

Bella B.

I was at a carnival
it was a sunny day

I went on rides that were
so fun

We ate noodles and

I won lots of
prizes and slept
with them all

The Day My Brother Helped Me
Brianna E.

One day Calvin threw an orange
at my food. Then it spilled.
Then I told my brother. Then
he got his friends and made
Calvin stop bullying me.

Memories of History
Deana F.

History is like a frame but
it also has a lot of shame.
This should not be a place
desire but let’s set them up
on fire. As you know MLK he
will really not be pray for you.

London F.

I see it when I’m in Austin
I’ve been taught to swim at
this place I love it my cousin
used to take karate here
it is the Craft Town Hall.

Ava J.

Once in my life I
got the most happiest
thing not now but he is special
it was a brother my very
own brother I could not
wait to play with him
but I was three so
I did not know that
I could but he is all
grown up now he is
in preschool and he
makes me laugh he
is four and special
and more lovable
than anything I
like him and love
him he is special
to me and I have
a really big family.

My Cat
Alanah P.

Every time I see my cat
I think of the time
On my birthday
I got a cat

We did not know what to name him
Then we picked Oliver

A few weeks later we called
him Kitten

We call him that
ever since then

Mira R.

I remember
my aunt’s dog
he was

New House
Chloe S.

I won a new house.
It’s a hard decision I say.
But now I want to
take a rest and play.

Why I chose one.
I buy a trampoline.
I jump and flip.

I will never for-
get this day where
I meet new friends.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.