I Hear My Grandma Says Alo Alo: Sound Poems @ Moos Elementary

This week the students and I discussed… sounds! We can paint a picture of our world through what we hear–outside, at school, at home. Enjoy!

Ms. Sigmond
3rd Grade


I hear whistling whoo whoo
I hear ssshh of snow
I hear woosh of trees in the wind
I hear the bell rings
I hear the front door go bang
I hear kids laughing
I hear an owl go whoo whoo
I hear my dad snores rrrr


I Hear

I hear the bell of my school
I hear a dog bark bark bark
I hear Santa like ho ho ho ho
I hear my sister crying wa wa wa
I hear my mom whispering ps ps ps ps
I hear the phone ring ring ring
I hear my friend yaaaaaaaaaaay
I hear me laughing ha ha ha ha
I hear my mom say stop stop
I hear my sister laughing haaaa
I hear my grandma says alo alo
I hear my mom says are you hungry
I hear my mom cooking splash splash
I hear my cousin screaming ah ah ah ah



I hear Santa says ho ho ho
I hear the clock go click click
I hear a car going beep beep
I hear a dog bark
I hear a pig go honk honk


Ms. Willis
2nd Grade

Things I Hear
Kymora H.

I hear the fish go blop-blop
I hear the cars go beep-beep
I hear the teacher go shh-shh
I hear the book go filp-flip
I hear washer go woosh-woosh
I hear the marker go click-click
I hear the chairs go bang-bang
I hear the shoes go bom-bom
I hear the kids go ya-ya


Sound Poems
Gregorie G.

I hear trees waving
I hear the teacher yelling at kids
I hear the chairs moving
I hear desks moving
I hear basketball bouncing
I hear footballs slamming
I hear kids playing
I hear folders sliding
I hear paper moving
I hear video games
I hear soccer balls bouncing
I hear TV
I hear people talking
I hear jackets zipping


What I hear at a Restaurant
Imani G.

I hear the pizza sizzle sizzle
I hear the fries go bubble bubble blurp
I hear the people drinking soda slurp slurp slurp
I hear the stove go zzzzzzz
I hear the door bang like a firework
I hear the cooks washing the dishes swish swish swoosh
I hear the rain go drip drip like a faucet
I hear feet of people tapping like a cane


Ms. Brown
2nd Grade

Sounds are Everywhere
Angel V.

I hear music from the radio trn-bum-crash
I hear tigers running fafoshi
I hear concerts dountbom-shi-ish
I hear TV on the weather show blah-blah-blah
I hear people yelling ahhhhh!
I hear the Pokemon show gotta catch ’em all!


Sheilanis R.

in the kitchen I hear the water going swish, swish, swish
I hear people thinking like hhmmmm
I heat my heart going popomp
I hear bells go like jingle, jingle
I hear the wind going ooooh
I hear chairs moving like screech


Sounds I hear
Yadiel W.

I hear cars beping like bep bep
I hear planes flying like fooch
I hear the fan shhhhh
I hear dogs barking rof-rof
I hear rain dripping drip drop
I hear lightening boom boom
I hear kids thinking meee
I hear doors going klik
I hear the school bell going ding ding
I hear pencils going sheccc
I hear kids talking



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.