I Hear Silence Like Paper: Sound Poems @ Avondale Logandale

There are a lot of ways to describe your world, and one of those is what you hear. What do you hear– in your neighborhood? At school? At home? This week the students painted a portrait of their lives through the sounds they hear.

Ms. Pease
4th Grade

Sound of My Ears
Janiyah S.

My brother at night sounds like a lion growling
My cat at night sounds like an angry bear
My dog at night sounds like a dying squirrel
My dad at night sounds like a parrot
My mom sounds like the sleeping beauty at night


Melanie S.

I hear babies cry like a lion
I hear footsteps like a silent cloud
I hear music like a soft baby cub
I hear people snore like a pig sleeping
I hear Ms. Beth like a happy sun
I hear a kid happy like ice cream


The City
Christina H.

The city is like a wind blowing
The city is like people on the track
The city is like a rainbow in the sky
And I can never lie
The city is like a windowsill

Ms. Llaguno
4th & 5th Grade

Elizabeth M.

The birds sound like whistling
Outside I hear cars
Outside I hear wind
Outside I hear screaming
Outside I hear talking

Inside I hear baby crying
Inside I hear cooking
I hear the clock


What I Hear at Home
Perla T.

I hear my dog barking like kids screaming
I hear my brother screaming like a baby
I hear my brother playing a video game like my sister watching TV
I hear the eggs sizzling on the pan (ssss)
I hear the birds chirping like music (chirp, chirp)
I hear my brother running like my dog barking (ruff, ruff)


Flor M.

I hear screaming like a bird singing
I hear silence like paper
I hear a baby crying like screaming

Ms. Lozada
4th Grade

Christian D.

My home is like a storm. Wsss Wsss!
The city is like a gorilla. Huuu Huuu!
The school is like a lion. Raaaa!


The Swimming Contest
Keyla C.

My dad is like ha-ha-ha-ha when he swims in the water.
My mom is cooking cookies and I hear sh-sh-sh-sh-sh.
My little sister cries like wah-wah-wah-wah-wah until they pick her up.
The rain sounded like someone in the bath.
The stars go twinkle twinkle in the sky so all the kids in the world could sleep.
I hopped the puddles to splash on me for fun.
The flute sounds like a bird singing.


La Ciudad y los Sonidos
Kevin G.

En la ciudad se escucahn muchos carros pip pip pipp
En la ciudad los pájaros  dicen pio pio pio
En la ciudad ladran los perros guac guac guac
En la ciudad se secuchan muchas motos run run run
En la ciudad pasan aviones shi shi shi
En la ciudad hay gatos y dicen miau miau miau
Cuando en la ciudad lluvia en la ciudad suena pao pa pa
Cuando tocan el triangolo suena sih sih sih sih
Y suena tric tric tric cuando da ciudad celebran
la seguridad suena un pito y dice piiiip piiiip
Cuando el viento está en la ciudad suena fli fli fli

The City and the Sounds
Kevin G.

In the city you can hear many cars pip pip pipp
In the city the birds say pio pio pio
In the city the dogs bark guac guac guac
In the city many motorcycles run run run run
In the city planes fly shi shi shi
In the city there are cats and they say meow meow meow meow
When it rains in the city it sounds pao pa pa
When they play the triangle it sounds sih sih sih sih
And it sounds tric tric tric when the city celebrates
The security blows a whistle piiiip piiiip
When the wind is in the city it sounds fli fli fli



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.