Talking Preposterous –– Sound Poems and Comparison Poems @ Avondale Logandale

Sounds! They fill our world and inform our surroundings–often making or halting a mood. But how do we put them on paper? This week the third graders and I made sound portraits of our world. Enjoy!


Ms. Miller
3rd Grade

Terrence B.

I hear music from the houses outside
I hear talking in buzz yelling in school.
I hear hmm, playing, running, playing games.


Mysterious Sounds
Joseph G.

I hear cars when I don’t see them
I hear birds when I don’t see them
I hear people shouting my name when I don’t see them
I hear crickets when I don’t see them


Hailey G.

I hear the kids screaming
I hear the birds singing
I hear the kids playing
I hear the leaves crunching
I hear the whistle of the wind
I hear the cicadas sing
I hear people talking preposterous
I hear dogs barking
I hear cats meowing
I hear roller coasters
I hear babies crying
I hear yelling
I hear the grass


Ms. Pease
3rd Grade

I Hear Animals
Jose B.

I hear cats meowing
I hear ducks going chaking
I hear cows going moo
I hear pigs going oink-oink
I hear dogs going bark


I Hear
Marcos L.

I hear cars beeping
I hear music
I hear the bell ringing
I hear people on the phone


Due Due!!
Graceson R.

I hear the TV at my house
I hear screaming at recess.
I hear bark bark
I hear toys
I hear vroom vroom
I hear pow pow
I hear due due
I hear running
I hear pew pew
I hear po po
I hear kids
I hear a roar
I hear blump



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