‘do what Wonder Woman does.’: We Could Be Heroes

What makes a hero (both real or imagined)? And how can we learn from them (even the villains) and the inner- hero inside of us? We explored these concepts and more in What I Learned From The Incredible Hulk by Amiee Nezhukumatahil.

Lesson Note: Have you heard? Recently a Harvard social scientist found that posing like a superhero actually increases confidence and creates lasting positive change!

Ms. Taylor, 8th Grade
1st Period

Alice W.

A super power that can be
amazing, but also terrible,
and lonely if you don’t
use it right.

Some times I would love to be
invisible, but not always
I like to be able to do


Dyanara D.

You better watch out
don’t lie
The lasso of truth
Is coming for you.

Do things out
of your comfort zone
you won’t know the
out come
if you don’t do it.

Liam Y.

The power
The puff
The girls
They are so tough
flying in swirls
getting bad guys
locking them up.
Then eating pies
and sipping tea cups.

Ms. Taylor, 8th Grade
2nd Period

What I Learned from Batman
Kamil M.

Which would serve me better:
Brains or Brawn? Hmmm,
Why not both? Each have
their own value. In a

Game of Chess being about
10 stages ahead is key. But
When fighting those pesky crooks
Brawn is better.

But sometimes, intimidation doesn’t
always get you what you want,
OR need for that matter.
Sometimes, you just need

to understand your opponent.
For example, you can’t understand
a person’s tragedy in their life
by showing off pectorals.

Claire W.

He’s always trapped and he keeps
trying again and again. I’m
not sure why, but he does-
I am like him in a way. Funny.
Not really knowing what I’m doing.

I’m like Ice King. He is a villain, I know,
but he is so relatable. He keeps going after
one thing that he wants and he has penguins.

What Batman Taught Me
Kacper M.

It helps to be smart
Oh boy you won’t believe
what you could do
if you’re smart.

You could build a company
or Improve the city around
But best of all
you’ll become rich.

With money you can buy
the best suit around
to help you fright crime
But of course there is always something.

You’ll have to train
You can’t just fight blindly
To be the best of them all.

How I’m Like Chameleon
Kaya P.

Something I am good at is hiding
I hide from my fears, I hide from
My responsibility, I hide from myself
Chameleon is jus like me, because he

Can hide from the world and camouflage
Whenever he wishes. You’d never know
he’s there because he’s just SO good
at hiding, hiding, hiding. And I

Can also change myself like him.
I change to fit the world. I change
to fit in . I change because I need
to feel like I belong. And Chameleon?

He can change. He can shapeshift. Into
a new Shape, a new size. He can
be the shape he wishes, when eh wishes.
And no matter how hard I try

To change and hide, at the end
of the day I am still me.

What I Learned from Black Widow
Natalie V.

Don’t let anything stop you
You might lose your loved ones but don’t stop.
You will gain enemies and foes,
But don’t stop.

Gain intelligence from experience
Improving and growing after every superhero battle.
Proving yourself to be an excellent adventurer.
Reaching limits you didn’t know you could.

Finding new friends and patterns along the way.
Be careful though!
They might stab yo form the back.
Only trust in your own abilities.

Seeing the light through the dark.
Finding motivation
After hard times.
Keep on running and don’t stay behind!

What I Learned From Batman
Jonathan M.

I’m 3 years old watching Batman.
Nah, he ain’t never us a Bat, man
I learned a lot from him…

I learned that if you have no powers
That you can still make a difference.

Ms. Taylor, 8th Grade
3rd Period

What Wonder Woman Taught Me
Vivianne R.

She is kind and respectful
and strong with lots of power
she flies in the sky
looking for crime to fight
she is a true hero

She makes me want to fly
It looks like so much fun,
If I could fly I would
do what Wonder Woman does

I would fly and look for crime
help people in need of help
and save the world

Wonder Woman taught me to work hard
to never give up
and learn to fly.

What I Learned from Bartholomew Henry Allen
Sam O.

When it comes to family
make sure to appreciate them
because you might be adopted
and have another you, a twin
how wild

When you find the love of your life
appreciate them too
because when you eventually propose
under a Ferris wheel
they’ll see your appreciation
and say yes

When you begin to slow down
your life becomes sadder than before
a flash of lightening can hit you
and in a…FLASH
you’ll be happy & helping.

Ms. Taylor, 8th Grade
6th Period

Taryn A.

There are many superheroes
Some are fictional,
Some are real

I have multiple superheroes
They are the people that

Surround me
The people that support me

They believe in me
Through the good and the bad

From my friends
To my family.
They are all in my heart.
My superheroes.

Rita J.

There are so many superheroes
How do you expect me to chose just one?
That just cruel.
Especially considering they’re all so amazing.

I have some favorites though
The Green Arrow is an incredible shot
The Flash is so smart and fast
Supergirl ‘s so strong and awesome.

The Black and White Canary make the best sisterly fighting duo
Firestorm’s amazing with two people merging
The Atom is atomic and goofy

Jack O.

Duncan Keith in my mind is a superhero and still
1 thing he showed me is how to give back. Even with his millions
he still donates to charity.

A second thing I learned from Duncan Keith was how to be tough
skate hard and go 100%.

A third thing I learned from Duncan Keith is kindness. He always
met with his sick fans to comfort them and bring them joy.

They say you shouldn’t meet your heroes in real life.
But I definitely would.

Ms. Taylor, 8th Grade
7th Period

What I Learned From Wonder Woman
Amelia T.

I learned Wonder Woman empowerment.
That together we stand strong,
and can be independent.

I learned that means something
That being different isn’t bad.

Xitlaly M.

My grandma is loving, caring and wonderful
My grandma has been through tough times
She says when times get rough pull through

She’s been there since day 1 she’s always
been supportive. She showed me what love felt
like. She taught how to love.

We’ve both been through traumatizing things
she’s taught me how to face
my fears.

My grandma is amazing she’s been there
since day 1. She’s taught me some of the
most important skills. I love her for
everything she has done.

What I Learned from Owen
Samantha M.

Owen has many special powers
Everyday, I learn something new.
But, it takes times, lots of time.
Secrecy is what he lives by.

But Owen has super speed.
he teaches me to zoom past haters.
The slick and fast feet, go for miles.
But that’s not all.

His mind is set on speed.
He practices every night.
Pushing me to get better.
I learned this skill a week ago.

But I still practice.
I learned from Owen, that when I struggle,
You can push through pain and keep going.
And this is what I learned.

Elijah R.

Kool-Aid man is amazing
he is the ultimaintessinsous warrior,
he can smash through walls and
stop crime people.
I’ve learned that drinking
Kool-air makes you strong.

What I Learned form Deadpool
Daniel M.

If your almost killed
and you barely survive
you will be immortal
and survive anything

You can’t make it
If your against
Me so run
and I might spare you





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.