Winter, spring, summer, or fall poems

This week at Washington was high 50s after a weekend of snow! This drastic change in weather had us thinking about what we like and dislike about winter. We read Linda Pastan’s “The Blizzard” and talked about lines, personification, verbs, and favorite similes/metaphors, like “tangling trees/ which bend/ like old women/ snarled/ in their own/ knitting.” Some of us decided to write about winter just like Pastan, while others of us wrote about spring, summer, or fall. Check out a few of them below!


Miss Davis
Eighth Grade
Yellow Group


By Dahlila V.

The big
runs and stretches
like a
getting ready
to sleep.
In and out
it breathes
cold winter air.
The breath
we exhale
is like smoke
right after
a cigarette.
Dry and cold air
blowing on my eyes
causes me to tear
forming icicles
on my


By Traveon Y.

hot so hot it must be
summer not cold not chill
but hot perfect weather to chill
relax and more, etc.


Miss Davis
Eighth Grade
Red Group


Snow Hatred
By Brianna G.

The color
of nature
Plain and boring
all night and all day
white wherever
you look
Standing outside
hands so cold
they start to
Hoping an icicle
won’t fall on
my back!
Face starts
the feeling of
100 bees stinging
me at once
Going to my car
ready for a
battle of pulling
the handle.


By Jasmin M. 

It starts off cold
Then it starts to flake
And before we know it
it’s a blizzard
Next morning it’s time
for snowmen
and snowangels,
hot cocoa,
and the fireplace


Winter Is Back
By Mayra R.

Once again, winter comes
in, unannounced.
Got some tricks and
pranks to pull.
Ice on sidewalks
want people to fall
so it can get a laugh.
Thousands of snowflakes
meeting up on roofs
to get the latest
Although this happens,
I still love winter.
Not many people get
to experience the wonders
of snow.


Snow Mountains
By Samantha R.

Freezing snow
Soft crunches
Nothing in
Dreamy pillow soft surface
Running and playing till we’re shaking
Mountains and mountains
Piling up
Freezing fluff climbing into my boots
Infinite joyful pain that
Freezing snow


Miss Davis
Eighth Grade
Yellow Group


By Alexavier C.

there’s no school
Pool parties
parties to attend
get in trouble
be a dummy


By Daniel G.

The snow starts falling from the sky, the snow starts taking over the cement, just like ants with candy on the floor


By Gianna P.

The heat
it burns
beams through
the glass
walking around
playing outside
like a dog




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.