What Does It Sound Like?

During this second week at Bronzeville Classical, we learned that poetry awakens all the senses. And what’s a world without sounds? Well, not the world we live in. After reading Kwame Alexander’s poem “Dribbling,” we tackled a lesson inspired by Joy Young where students considered their favorite hobbies with onomatopoeia (how’s that for a tongue twister?).  Then, students wrote their own sound-heavy, sound-inspired poems. As you’ll see below, there’s as much range in sound as there is in activity.

Ms. Siudock’s 8:00am class, 4th grade

by Kamren B.

I hear “WE Ready” as we go on the field.
I hear “crkk” when we stretch.
Then I hear cheerleaders shake the pom poms “shhhh”.
Then finally we we went on the sideline
I hear “1st offense y’all up”.
Then I hear “hut”.
Then I hear pads hit each other.
Then I hear the crowd “roar” as it is halftime…

Free Time with Me by Autumn Y.

The gun goes “pow pow” when I run
when my arms move it goes
swooosh when I run
my feet go tap tap when I
dance, when I play in the water
it goes splash splash

My Pen Goes by Auva S.

My pen goes scritch skratch on my paper
My paintbrush goes swish swish on the canvas
My colored pencil colors in everything perfectly and neatly.
I wonder how my painting will turn out. I wonder how my drawing
will turn out. Why wait? Let’s find out.

Sports by Langston J.

My fingers snap snap when somebody makes it inside the hole
My ears hear crackle crackle when my ball goes in the hole
My feet go crunch crunch when I kick the soccer ball
SWOOSH Goes the ball into the net

Wash Day by Hannah H.

My beads click clack when
I walk up and down the sidewalk
my brush goes scratch scratch when I
brush my afro puffs the flat iron goes
sizzle sizzle when I straighten my hair
I go oww oww when I have to
comb out my hair then comes wash day
all over again

Ms. Shuch’s 9:45 class, 3rd Grade

Dinner Night/Rasam by Asha L.

I sluuurp up my rasam
chomp on my rice
I go and
fluff up my pillow
and zzzzz all night

I slurp up my rasam
the veggies give it
flavor. The rice gives it
crunch and the smell
what a beautiful odor.

Poem by Kelshawn M.

my shoe goes thump thump when it hits thee
ground my body goes boom when it hits thee floor
when i play frisbee the frisbee goes whoosh
in the air. when i’m in thee gym the ball
goes boom.

Poem by Rae J.

My heart goes thump thump as I win
the race!
The jump-rope slacks against the ground
as I jump.
The pages of my book go swish as I
turn the page.
The oven goes beeeep to say my cookies are

Favorite things by Raina G.

My heart goes bump bump when I run
The stump goes plunk plunk when
I sit on it
The thunder goes crash crash
And I scream when I am at a birthday bash
My racker goes pop pop when I
hit the ball over the net
I stop stop when I see a car
on the road

Sound Poem by Avery P. 

My feet go splash splash when I hit
the water
my money din’t jingle jingle it folds
my sister goes busted when
I get in trouble
my friends go wow when
I crisscross and flip flop

Ms. Siudock’s 1:45 class, 4th Grade

Day in the life as Elijah by Elijah B.

My hands go clap clap when a good show is done
My pen goes click click when I am about to use it
My football goes bum when it hits my hands
My toothbrush goes whis whis when I brush my teeth
I go siu when I score a goal

4 Seasons! (this is what I like 2 do) by Samantha R.

Swoosh! The autumn wind, yet very brisk but cal,
Ahh! The summer heat, yet hot but lemonade is
the best drink
Splash! the sound of my boots colliding into
spring puddle “thump thump thump”
Brr! the shivers going down my skin, drinking hot cocoa is the
best choice

Sound Poem by Morayo M.

When I shoot the ball the net goes swish
When I ride my bike I hear whoosh
When someone rings the doorbell I hear ding dong
When I close my door I hear rattle

Sound Poem by Mason M. 

My head goes groove groove when I listen to music,
My body goes slide slide when I dance,
My arms go catch catch when I play baseball,
My legs go run run when I play baseball.

Sound Poem by Kayla F.

The water goes splish splash
when I jump my hair goes swish
swosh when I spin

My computer goes ping pong when
I get to a checkpoint my feet go
pow bow when I kick



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.