Virtual Poetry Lesson #4: Odes

I salute you!/ Swift Elementary School 2nd Graders and their teachers!
You are still coming through/ with energy and ideas, brainstorming, and
making art with words,/ no matter how our times have changed.
Your poems are like fresh spring/ blossoms on the trees of spring.
This is the mood students were asked to bring to Virtual Poetry Lesson #4. After reading “Ode to My Shoes” by Francisco X. Alarcón, they were tasked with trying their hands at writing an Odes: a lyrical poem that celebrates a person, place, or thing.

Ms. Amato
2nd Grade

Ode to rain – garden
Marcelo G.

I sink into the
garden and feel like
water flowing around trees
sinking into
another world
the trees are bigger
than skyscrapers


Ode to Spiders
Milo D.

I love you spiders!
You catch nasty bugs.
You are fun to observe
and [you] make beautiful silky webs


Ode to the Box
Oliver B.

You inspire me

I can make so many things with you
You turn into so many things
cars, models, and more

My cats love you
I love you
All my pets love you….besides my

The reason they love you and they
truly do, is because they imagine
you as toys or beds.

You inspire them
But the fish just tries to eat you


Ode to Audrey (my doll)
Agnes L.

Thank you!
You entertain me
You help me play
All day
Every day


Ode to my video games
Ethan B.

my video games rest in
their cases waiting to go
sleeping waiting to be played


Ode to Home
Jade B.

Thank you! Home
Home keeps me safe
Home keeps me warm.
Home of comfy.
Home covers me.
Home is my safe space.
Home is a world.


Ode to the Comb
Apnasa C.

Thank you!
you find dirty stuff
reach every side
make hair silky
doing hairstyle.

Ms. Popovic
2nd Grade

Ode to the Bathtub
Ayusha R.

I like you!
I can have a nice shower in you
feel fresh all day long
I can fill water and swim with my brother
Sometimes play toys and splash water inside you
Washing my doll dress making clean and shine.


I love you mom
Yaretzo G.

Thank you
Because you are always there for me
sandra/my mom


Ode to The School
Ian R.

I respect you!
Swift school
Help me learn.
Teach me how to read.
Show me how to learn.
Make me happy!


Ode to My Mom
Jane I.

I Love You
It’s about my mom
MY mom cooks for me my favorite food every day
She takes care of me when I am sick or sad
She loves me just as much as anyone else
She is loving like a sweet little bird


Ode to mom
Elizabeth G.

I love you mom.
I love my mom because she cares for her family and makes me happy.
when my mom is older I will take care of her and wash her body clean.
I will make sure to help her when she is old like my mom’s mom.
I like when she makes me food like some soup and my favorite pasta
She makes me smile
cleans the house
helps me do my homework


Ode to Tesanj
Sumea T.

thank you for the beautiful city
Tesanje is the best city in Bosnia because it has fun places like my home
where I live in Pljaca
I love to live there
do you love Bosnia?
It is fun
It is love
The sweetest place.


Ode to thank you balcony
Sardor P.

Thank you balcony. For letting us go out!
I can go out whenever I want.:)
I can smell the fresh air.
And look at the view
I can sit.


Ode to my grandma
Khaliani M.

Thank you!
For alway being there for me
You make me breakfast
You help me to pick out my outfit for the day, you get me snacks, you cut up my orange just the way I like it, you make me lunch, you help me with my homework, there’s so many more things that you do for me,
I appreciate you.


I love you toys
Rijan C.

I love my toys
When I’m bored I can play with
my toys
I can play with my toys whenever I want

I love my toys


Ode to Melda
Meldin K.

Thank you for respecting me.
My sister Melda is caring.
My sister plays basketball with me.
My sister loves Basketball.
My sister Melda never paints with me.
My sister helps me with my homework.


Ode to my shirt
Greyson R.

I am a shirt.
I sleep in the dresser or closet.
It’s super-duper dark.
I really get happy when people put me on
I’m super bored when I’m with the other shirts and pants and socks

When I’m dirty I spin around and around in the washing machine.
I like dancing in the dryer but it’s too hot.
I’m happy when someone finally picks me up.


Ode to Mom and Dad
Youssef L.

You Rock!
Mom and Dad
You give me toys
You take me to fun places
You help me with my homework
You love me
And I love you too



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.