Standing Up For Our Rights @ Peterson 6th Grade

For our third virtual poetry lesson Peterson students explored social justice. Social justice is the equal rights and opportunities that are supposed to be given to people living within a society. But what if  these rights were taken away? Students read breakbeat poet Kevin Coval’s  poem “The Supreme Court Makes Color Illegal.” Coval incorporates unique line breaks and white space to emphasis specific words: color, gang, ok.  In his poem Coval uses art as a metaphor to express the normalization of violence against youth of color.

Inspired by Kevin Coval, students wrote social justice poems, that reflect their own thoughts and ideas about issues they believe affect our world. Enjoy these published poems.


Ms. Bell 6th Grade
Group 1


I Am Who I Am 
Camila N.

People can be judgmental
they think something
when really your the other
I am who I am
and I wouldn’t rather be anyone else
People ask different questions
I answer and they respond
With another
I try to confirm over and
over but they won’t learn
They try to be discrete
but end up being a bully
I wonder what is it that they ask it for
And I notice
I felt surrounded in my own walls
that I have made
To protect myself
I would be bullied because of my language
Because of my skin tone and how I wasn’t afraid to speak my language
People in stores would ask if I was adopted because my skin tone didn’t match my family’s except my dad
People do this because
Sometimes they don’t feel comfortable
With themselves or they don’t like you for a reason that shouldn’t be one
And they need to be helped
People can sometimes be mean
And you don’t have to be mean back
You should help them
And I learned to love myself for who I am


We Look Different
Henry P.

We look different though we like the same things.
We share the same hobbies we eat the same things.
You accuse me of something I didn’t do.
Were locked behind bars not able to see my family.

Why did you do this to me what did I do to you.
Why does no one believe me is it because I look different.
The judge rules me guilty for no reason.
Why does this happen to me.

My friends were shot and killed.
People accuse us of bad things we did not do.
Hope we meet someday.
Next time I’ll prove you wrong.


Detect Racism
Angelina T.

Racism is found anywhere

         Really anywhere

Non colored people found everywhere

                                  All natural

All superior                         The good good good ones


On the other side there is another universe

    Colored people


Looked down on

                              The different different different ones

Don’t realize how words hurt

          Don’t realize what’s right and what’s wrong

Did realize

                      No empathy

Went on

           And on

And on

                     And on                           And on


          No way it keeps going

Finally voices

                                       Many voices are heard on this matter

They educate people on what’s right and what’s wrong

Seeing their ways

                   Seeing others perspective

Do you understand

                                                            Do you understand

             Non colored and colored

Do you understand

                                             Fix the not normal


Ms. Bell 6th Grade
Group 2


The New Normal
Jaceyn B.

The new normal.
Many see genders as a new thing.
Or weird.
Some see just Men and Women.
But it’s not not normal
None of us is are normal
We are all different
But in ways we are the same
We should feel normal
Shouldn’t we?
We are all people
We live in a small world
Called earth
In the milky way galaxy
Next to the sun
And beyond


What Did I Do?
Ivan L.

Sirens. Cop.
Pulled over to the side of the road.
Whatever. Right? Nope.
Asked what I did and he didn’t answer.
License and registration please.
Gave him it.
Asked me to step out of the car and when I did, he shot me.
Did I mention that I was colored?
I died that night.
The same thing happened to hundreds of colored people each year.
Almost 700 people of color were shot and killed by police from 2017-2020.
Teen in her home was shot while sleeping by the cops.
Did Nothing.
Lets not forget about Laquan McDonald.
The kid did absolutely nothing and was shot.
The cop got off on second degree murder.
That case took awhile.
This needs to stop.
Cops getting off with murder like it never happened.
This needs to stop.


They Are Out In The Streets
Justin S.

They are out in the streets 

          They have 

                           Little food 

And little clothes 

              They are homeless

                                    They need help

      They need you to donate 

                              The streets are dangerous 

They might get caught 

            In a storm 

                                    In a shooting

They might even 

        get caught in a 


So donate all that 

           You can 

                   Help them apply

For a nice job 

                Help them get food 

Help them get water 

                                                 Help them get money  

          Help them get a nice life 

                              Like everybody inside their home


Ms. Bell 6th Grade
Group 3


War and Peace
John I.

We keep fighting for peace and equality again and again to people who oppose peace
We declare war against those that appear a threat in power
People die for our safety for what a change that will never change unless we change

Peace has been here from the start but we created war no one else us for power
Peace kept us safe but we took it for granted and thought it come when it’s most needed
Now we struggle to stop war with war to make peace and equality

So it’s our choice War or Peace, Power to be feared by all, peace to stand tall equal
In the end its

War or peace


Born Different
Rawan R.

I hope you realize
that no one can choose
how they look before
they’re born
It’s cruel
And unfair
Its dumb
And disrespectful.
It’s really not
my fault that you can’t
keep your mouth shut
and cooperate.
Putting others down
should only guilt you
Yet you still confess
to feeling joy from it.
Has no one yet
taught you manners?
Bite your tongue
if you have nothing nice to say.
No one wants to hear
that old crackly voice of yours
Blabbing about thinking
you’re better than everyone else.
It’s cruel
and unfair.
Its dumb
and disrespectful.
Either hold it back or
don’t think about it at all.
Your words are unwanted in society.
Your opinion doesn’t matter to us either.


Pandemic Is Real
Uugabayar U.

Pandemic is real
It’s a dangerous place
For anyone to come
Follow the          rules for safety
Outside a deserted place
For no body to come
A        Virus is         spreading
Its hard times
Its                             bad times
Life is just to
NOT           GET              IT
If you catch it
its game over
No cure no nothing
People aren’t following anything
They hoard things
From the                  infected people
Some wear masks
Some save lives
Pandemic                          is real
Follow the rules
For humanity to return again.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.