Shelter-In Poems #3: ‘If I were a doctor…’

As we all shelter-in-place, students at Taft Freshman Academy continue to generate beautiful poems via E-Learning. This week’s poems are inspired by two works: When I Taught Her How To Tie Her Shoes by Penny Harter and the Langston Hughes’ poem,  If-ing 

Lesson Note: ‘In a time of crisis, poetry can help focus our fears and transform ‘noise into music’ … In effect, poetry “aims in every possible way to reaffirm the world that we actually inhabit, in all its vital, messy, beautiful, tragic reality. Mar 10, 2020, The Washington Post.

Ms. Munoz, 9th Grade
Period One

Just something I Wrote
Ronni B.

If I was someone else
I might have a roof that doesn’t leak
If I lived somewhere else
Some days might not seem so bleak
Or if I had more money
Maybe we could pay more bills
If I stayed a kid for longer
I wouldn’t have to stress
Maybe I wouldn’t have gotten depressed
Or maybe it would just be the same
If I was still Ronni or had a different name
But if I have hope
We’ll get out of this sinking boat

Darwin G.

I remember when I first had coffee
It tasted so strong to where I can feel
It in my mouth like it was so hot
But sweet at the same time I tried it again
This time it had some kick to it from the cream
My grandma laughed while I did to and that’s how I had my first cup of coffee

By Dom S.

I remember when I was little,
my father, brother, and I were always playing sports.
As I started to get into sports, I was taught how to play by my dad.
Playing in our backyard, kicking a ball,
He told me how to use my feet to kick the ball,
Where to kick the ball,
and it seemed so natural and easy.
It felt like it was meant to be.
In the matter of no time,
I was playing soccer.
Taking pride in what my dad taught me to do,
using it as a sanctuary for the divorce of my parents.
It was my everything,
I never appreciated anything more than being taught how to play.
I was determined to master everything in soccer,
And I did when my father taught me how to do everything.
I always remembered him saying “inside”
Meaning to kick the ball with the inside of my foot,
or to pass the ball to someone on the inside of the field.
That word always stuck with me when I played sports.
It was so empowering,
And it pushed me to be the best person when playing sports.
It told me to be determined and to never give up.
This moment really affected me on the inside.

Ms. Munoz, 7th Grade
Period Two

Lincoln R.

if i was smarter, i’d regret it
because everything has a consequence.
if i was stronger, i’d be happy
because everything has a consequence.

Owen S.

If I had a million dollars,
I would buy myself a big house
I would buy my parents something

If I was older like 16 or 17
I would learn how to drive
I would get my license.

If I Could
Daniel V.

If I had infinite money
I’d give it all the world
Everyone would live their dream
Maybe buy some supreme

If I worked for NASA
I’d go to space
Explore the stars
See the world from the skies

If I had another dog
I’d get a husky
Huskies are cute

But there is no infinite money
I can’t work for NASA as a kid
I can’t get another dog
It’s just how things are.

Chloe W.

Before I sleep
In the dark,
I read my book
When darkness comes over me
And I fall asleep

Ms. Munoz, 7th Grade
Period Five

Learning to Bike
Mia A.

I’ll keep your balance but when I let go you have to do it alone.
I gripped the handlebars of my bike,
Each pedal somehow daring me to lose control.
My dad held my shoulders.
When he let go I hadn’t noticed,
Until I did.
I ended up with a scraped knee.

To Bake Cookies
Max M.

We bake them every other week
Some with chocolate chips, some without
All unique

Mixing the batter
Putting them into the oven
Taking them out of the oven
Eating them throughout the week

Learning How to Read
Jerry M.

Before kindergarten,
Very early on,
I was taught how to read.

Every day,
For about an hour,
Or two,
I was taught one of
The most used skills in life,

My mom started,
Always reading to me

Dr.Seuss mostly,
Go Dog Go,
Red Fish Blue Fish,
The Cat in the Hat,
and Green Eggs and Ham

My favorite wasn’t
It was Frog and Toad

Like always,
My mom started

I read a word,
Or two

I imagined the adventures
Of the two magistic

Like always,
My mom started
I started reading,
Not just words,
But also sentences

Like always,
My mom started

I started reading even more,
Now I read chapters.

Like always,
My mom started

I was so close to reading
All by myself
Now I read multiple chapters
At once

I started,
Reading a whole Geronimo Stilton book
by myself

I started,
Reading a whole Geronimo Stilton book
By myself

I can start,
Reading any book,
By myself.

On the bench
Daniel R.

My uncle made me do them
Always lifting
More and more
Until i stopped
Could do no more

Meghan E.

If I won the lottery,
then I would buy a car.
If I had a private jet,
then I’d travel near and far.
If I could travel anywhere,
then I’d go to the Hawaiian islands.
If I could bring a family member,
then I’d probably bring Ryan.
If quarantine ended soon,
then I’d go see all my friends.
If my back were flexible,
then I’d do endless backbends.
If I had 1,000 bucks,
then I’d buy 42 pairs of jeans.
If I were a doctor,
Then I’d find a vaccine for COVID-19.

Ms. Munoz, 9th Grade
Period Six

If poem
Ryan R.

If I had a million bucks, I would buy a plane
If I had a farm somewhere, I would feed the world with grain
If I had a fruit bar, Then I would only eat fruit my whole life
If I was rich, I would give to the homeless
If i had an indoor basketball court, I’d practice 24/7
If I had unlimited food supply, Then i would give to the homeless
If I had a scholarship for college, I’d then be able to go to school for free
If i had better grades, Then I would have straight A’s
If I had a pet monkey, I would train my pet monkey.

Nataliah J.

Took off the training wheels
My father gave me a little push
And I was off

Asia S.

I remember leaving my pin-straight hair as it is
It was time to do something with all the hair I had
Long lines to the grand opening of a mall made me fidget
I started to twist my hair
There was an ongoing pattern of a braid
And that was my first braid


Ms. Munoz, 7th Grade
Period Eight

Needle threading
Travis C.

I remember in after school
My friend brought her sewing stuff
She showed me how to use a needle
And how to make stuffed animals
She had tons of different fabric
Fabric with a rainbow of colors and textures
Another day a grandma’s house we got onto a video call
She showed me how to make a dragon
That call was hours long

If I could
August F.

If I was a rockstar
I would be in the hall of fame,
Playing playing playing
It wouldn’t be the same

If I could travel the world,
I’d see it’s big glory,
From castles to prairies,
I’d learn its history.

If I could do nothing
It wouldn’t be very fun,
Life is just boring
Getting nothing done.

Unfortunately though,
This story is coming to a wrappin’
But if you keep dreaming,
Then something could happen.

Erick H.

If I Could Have Change Things I Would
I Could Have Presidential Power
I’d Make Everything Smell Like Flowers
I Would Be A President of The U.S.A

If I Could Have A Watch That Freezes Time
I Wouldn’t Have To Cut In Line
I Mean Yes It’s Rude
But I Can’t Waste Any TIme Now In Days

If I Could Be Able To Do These Before
Why Am I Home Doing Chores
This Poem Might Be A Bore
But At Least I’m Happy

Now All of These Were If I Could
Maybe In The Future
When I Have Time Power
I Will Make Them To A I Should

What If
Yash P.

If I was rich
I would be living in a mansion
If there was no war in this world
We would be at peace

If there was no sickness
We would all be outside
If I was 18 I would be driving
All of this can come true
What If

Ifs and Thens
Nathaniel S.

I had a million bucks
I would buy a plane
I had a farm somewhere
I’d feed the world with grain
I was I doctor
I would help the world

I could go outside
I would go to school
I could game all day
I would never stop
I was sick
I would quarantine myself

I had a car
It would be a truck or sports car
This epidemic did not happen
would be at kickboxing

From Lazy to Laundry
Connor  S.

Sleeve and sleeve,
Then fold the ends,
Bottom to top
Do it over again.

Shirts, socks
Pants, pajamas,
The day I began
Was totally bananas.

My mother did sweats,
My dad folded rocks,
When I tried the shirts,
They looked like some rocks.

My mother came over,
Taught me the rhyme,
From here on out,
I knew it was time.

Sleeve and sleeve,
Then fold the ends,
Bottom to top
Do it over again.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.