This is just to say…….

In their seventh virtual poetry lesson 8th graders at Haugan Elementary explored the art of communication through epistolary poetry, poems that are written as notes, letters, or diary entries. Students were asked “Why is communication so important?” Most students believed that by communicating with others we can share our thoughts, feelings, and  important information. Living in the digital world of 2021 people have many ways to communicate such as through texts, emails, Twitter Tweets, Facebook posts, and You Tube.

Together we read the poem “This Is Just To Say,” by Williams Carlos Williams. In his poem Carlos uses descriptive words and images to create an apologetic note. In the poem the speaker addresses his note to an unknown person confessing to eating the plums they were saving for breakfast. Forgive me/for they were delicious/so sweet and so cold. What’s interesting about the note, is that it doesn’t begin with “Dear” or end with “Sincerely.” Some students believe that the note seemed insincere, due to the way he describes the tempting plums, while other students thought the note was genuine. The note itself is universal, we have all are guilty of doing something wrong and trying to apologize, even if we’re not “truly sorry.” Williams was not only a poet but a doctor who worked long hours, so this could have been written to his wife. He might have been hungry, saw the plums, and he couldn’t resist.

Inspired by Williams Carlos Williams student wrote their own poems in the form of notes. Please enjoy this week’s published poems.



Ms. Thomas’s 8th Grade  
Group 1


Leave Chicago
By Deigo B. 

Just Leave Chicago
Pick, after, pick, after, pick
We thought you we’re better than this
We wish you came
With a label
So we can return you
Mistake, Mistake, Mistake
How much more can we take
Replace? Yes!!
WAIT!! Out with the knee
I don’t want to believe
Forgive us, you can’t stay
You have to leave,


By Damian  G.


Your your my best friend we spent most of the time together 

and once we made a little group but the next grade we split 

but you where still hang out with me. We didn’t go to the same 

classroom and you talked less and less to me, then we haven’t 

said anything to each other. I tried to talk but you just tried to 

make it to a small talk. So I ask again. Why don’t you want to 

talk to me?



As You Draw
By Kimberly G. 

I’ve never met you
nor have I seen you
But from the way you draw…
I can imagine you
You have a smile so soft
A heart so pure its meant to be changed soon
The way your hand moves
Up, Down, Left, Right, All Around
No one can copy you
Soft but hard pencil marks are left
Your color and scribble
Just as your own
drawings smile so bright
You’ll look back
Don’t ever give up!
So Try Again…



Ms. Thomas’s 8th Grade  
Group 2


I Thank God
Ashlie  A.

I thank God for giving me a great family
I don’t know how to repay you all
I thank God for giving me a place to live
Full of great people
I hope to one day repay you all.


For Your Information
Natalie B.

Hello, Good Afternoon!
Spring picnics, aren’t they wonderful.
Or weddings.
But in this case it was a 15th birthday.
Who’s? my cousins.

I’m sorry the boutique of flowers looked nice and sweet
Its silky white dipped natural color with yellow vintage painted–
Its color reminds me of cottage colors, honey yellow gloss.
With its petals hanging on the side.
I’m sorry I couldn’t resist its divine colors.
Someone at the end needs them for their magical moment.
They smelled wealthy! 😀

–From The Farlands


Happy Results
Roberto R.

I bet you are going to be happy
When I tell you this news.
I got a 100% on a test.
It was difficult.

I am happy that I passed.
When I showed you,
I felt I could do anything.
When you saw the test

I felt it was the best day.
I was surprised you gave that reaction.
When you saw the questions
And you saw the 100% symbol.



Ms. Thomas’s 8th Grade  
Group 3


Broken The Trust
By Tristan C.

Though this poem may feel unfinished, long  have 

I’ve tried to bridge the difference

I have broken trust,

It’s all just rust soon future dust

I wanna try and try I will But death is stiff stuck and still

My ambition frolicked like a butterfly. Until death swooped

down like a bat.

some cherish some perish for you it was nightmarish

And my hope for you shall live forever– However

You did not


I Always Barked At You
By Dyson J.L

I always barked at you.
I never appreciated your accomplishments.
I always ignored you.
I let you run by yourself.
I never guided you to the correct path.
You ran away by yourself.
I took you for granted.
I never found you.


Hello You
By Yoselin R.

Thank you
for every kind of emotion
We’ve been through
Stuck though
Thick and thin
8 years     without
you would’ve
been impossible

Thank You

For laughing
At my   terrible jokes
Telling me the truth,
Giving me    good advice.





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.