The worlds inside our dreams and behind our masks

Due to technical difficulties, 4th graders worked on Dream Poems instead of Comparison Poems for our 4th sessions, together. The 5th graders – to use an idiom – put their “noses to the grindstone” to draft their unique poems inspired by masks.

Ms. Manning
4th Grade

Mood Dreams
by Akole C.

I dreamed about driving
a car home. It was easy
and scary
and it was night time
on the highway
I was alone
and there were no 
other cars driving, too.


My big dreams
by Kaliyah K.

When I went to bed I had a dream
it was a very fun dream.
I was at Urban Air
jumping on the trampoline
and went down the slide
it was so much fun
then I ate pizza and played basketball. 
My favorite part was the trampoline
I can do gymnastics on it
and cool tricks.
And the slide
why? because when I went down the slide
my hair blew up.

I also had a scary dream that 
I went down the roller coaster when I was at the theme park
and when I went on the biggest roller coaster I was scared
we dropped from the top
it was weird because my heart dropped and I woke up
I was so scared
I had to dream of a sweet nice dream.

by Micaela A.

I dream about clowns
I dream about the world
I dream about puppies
I dream about my mom
I dream about my dad
I dream about unicorns 
I dream about me and my friend
I dream about water 
I dream about watching tv
I dream about helping people
I dream about my family
I dream about the candy
I dream about The big car

danes dreams
by Daniel D.

I love the dream about demons it makes me
Feel like a demon slayer
I have to kill the demons
To protect my continent which is not America but Africa 
And I have to protect my village.


Ms. Manning
5th Grade

around the world
by Cambria H.

Masks can be for culture
Or for fun. 

Masks can be for costumes
and important days like funerals 
or the Day Of The Dead.

Masks can be made out of any
and everything 
such as lettuce,
cotton or straw.

You can wear one any day and everyday,
Because masks are made for everything.

Masks sometimes can be
For important things
like for a virus
going around, or to prevent sickness.

Masks can be for anything: 
a wedding
a dress, or a suit.


Funny mask
by Antonio E.     

my mask is filled with joy and laughter 
but underneath my mask  
was mean and mad
Red and angry

My mask of joy and laughter 
Blue with blushing cheeks   
finding my mask again   
Might make me feel outstanding.
I found my mask again.


Water Jug Mask
by De’Kirra P.

Clear, blue, and plastic 
covering your whole face 
looking like you can’t breathe.
The mask does not have much space 
you can’t even move your head. 

Clear, blue, and plastic,
This mask disturbs me,
Because what if you can’t get 
The mask off and you already
Can’t breathe? something
bad might happen.


The Backstory Behind The Mask
by Micah T.

Masks have different ways of telling emotions
sad, happy, mad, or even confused.
Some big, some small, some unique, some not so unique
wanting to be unidentified
with no one knowing.

Using different words to describe an emotion
without saying that emotion.
You might think I might be happy
but you might catch me feeling down.

But millions of different people
play hide and seek
with knowing their own emotions
Wearing a mask full of joy
but deep inside there’s a deep meaning 
Or deep
even like backstory.

An anonymous hacker with a mask
blackmailing you
knowing every move you’re gonna do
and every emotion.

Like a superhero wearing a mask
not wanting to know or be identified
just to not be on the news
so there can be no gossip about him.
Just to lock them all away.


Behind My Mask
by Yamarion G.

behind my mask
is the truth.
the truth can
really hurt
very hard
harder than
I can
think of.
But when
I use
one I
almost always
behind my mask








“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.