Sweeter Dreams, Please!

My 5th sessions with at 2nd graders was filled with reading and storytelling around the subject of dreams, including: weird, funny, or magical sleeping dreams; nightmares, and daydreams. We also noticed a relationship between wishes, and dreams. It was frightening to hear some students’ nightmares, but they did a fine job writing about them. Enjoy the following Dream Poems!

Ms. Urquiza
2nd Grade

Anjila K.

I dream that I can read a billion books.
Once I had a nightmare that zombies chased me.

I dream that I was the favorite child.
My nightmare was being dead.

I dream that I can eat all the sweets.
My nightmare was losing all my books.

I dream that I had a pet bunny.
My nightmare was being eaten.

I dream to be a doctor.
My nightmare was my family being gone.


My Nightmare
by Aarav C.

It was midnight in my
I was in a haunted home
The ghost was covering her
face with her hair
Her name was Granny
A very old woman
The ghost attacked me.


Silly Dreams
by Shradha N.

I dream I was riding a unicorn.
I dream the sky is yellow.
I dream the clouds are pink.
I dream I can fly.
I dream there is a rainbow all the time.


Roblox Dream
by Amon M. 

I dream of lions
I dream of playing Roblox all day
I dream I am reading the epic book
I dream I am playing at recess
I dream I am playing Star Fall.


My Dreams
by Farzan A.

I dreamed about the Brainstorm
Box and writing picture by
picture and seeing what would happen.
It was strange
and I got up.


by Mobin M.

Once I had a dream that my
family was zombies.
I was like “What?!”
It started in my Grandma and
Grandpa’s house. Zombies
was everywhere. In the
yard my Grandma and
Grandpa were zombies. I was
running. My Grandpa’s eyes
were at the back of his head.


Nightmares and Daydreams
by Lohi A.

Once I had a dream that my Dad died.
A daydream: I wrote good stories.
Once I dreamed that I had a
bunny that was pooping in my
Once I had a dream that there
was a lot of spiders in my house.
Once I had a dream that Mrs. Popovic
came back so Mrs. Popovic could
work together with Mrs. U.

Ms. Amato
2nd Grade

Talking Animals
by Jose R.

I had a dream that I was in
the zoo with my parents and
the animals can talk to me and
so can I!
Then I was telling each animal
what their name is.  They were
flamingo, monkey, horse, pig, mouse,
elephant, giraffe, and cow.
And then something amzing
happened: horse let me ride
him back home.

And when I woke up I felt very happy!!!!


Trapped in a Room
by Mishika S.

In my dream I was trapped in a room.
It was scary like bloody mary.
The wall was getting smaller like it
was about to crush me.
The floor broke and I fell
into another room.
I heard voices saying “I’m coming for you.”
Then I heard a scream “Ahhhh”


Scary Dream! Alone in the dark!
by Alana S.

In my dream I was alone in the dark
in a room with nobody home. So I waited
for hours. And nobody was still home!
I tried to open the door
It was unlocked. But then it locked
by itself! The lock inside was not working!

And I heard something 
not the door opening
the window was
but I swear it was locked. I heard footsteps
I hid under the bed
I whispered “It’s too quiet.”
The room was shaking
I felt like the room was shifting!


by Dennis G.

I dream that I am Chain Saw Man
I dream that I was a ninja.
I dream that I was in Tartarus.
I dream that I was stuck in a spinning wheel
that would never stop.
I dreamed that Ms. Amato’s Honey Bun will come back.




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.