5th & 6th graders find new ways of looking at things

For our second week of poetry, 5th & 6th graders were challenged to look at living things and ordinary objects in unique ways. I had brought in objects that I owned to show students: a book, a seashell, and an orange bear from a keychain. We have fun describing and finding new uses for them. A book can be a hat or bird, a seashell can be a spoon or necklace, while a teddy bear can be a pillow or protector.

Together we read an untitled poem by Taft H.S. student Victoria K. In her poem the 8th grader used her five senses and personification (giving human qualities to non-human things) to describe six ways of looking at a pencil. The tip of the eraser is chewed and a grown-up pacifier/it gets lost underneath desk and kicked by shoes/it flies across a sheet of paper to complete a piece of unfinished homework. 

Inspired by Victoria K, students used their five senses and personification to describe objects and living things they usually find around their school, homes, or outside.



Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 1


A Paper
by Minahil A.

A paper is an unknown image waiting to happen.
Paper is a book.
A book is a question answered or a mystery waiting to happen.
A paper can have your imagination on it or a design
of words being collected.

A paper can be created then recreated to something else.
Papers are different colors.
A paper is beautiful.
A paper is true to you.
A paper is anything waiting to happen.


10 ways of looking at an Ocean
by Leah S. 

One way to describe an ocean is that the ocean
is like a cup of water 20,000 time!

Another way to describe an ocean is that
an ocean is an underwater home for sea animals.

Also, the ocean is like an underwater kingdom.
Another one is that the ocean is like school for
underwater sea animals like fish, sharks and dolphins.

Also, the ocean is like seafood grocery store.


By Rio T.

A flower can be used to make a hat for a cat.

When I take a picture, we can use a flower to put on your hair.

A flower can make a gift on Valentine’s Day.

We can decorate phone case with flowers.

A flower can make the ecosystem better.



Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 2


A piece of paper
by Jamayle H.

A piece of paper can be a book
that you can read.

A piece of paper can be used for origami
to make animals.

A piece of paper can be used for knowledge
to teach.

A piece of paper can be used for
Malcom X to speak.


My Phone
by Madison H.

My phone is a radio.

My phone is like a toy.

My phone is peace and comfort.

My phone is my personal thoughts.

My phone is my personal shopping cart.

My mind is a GPS.


By Kameron P.

Dogs have better vision than humans.
Dogs have two more toes than humans.
Dogs run faster than humans.

Dogs have sharp eyes.
Dogs have great smell.
Dogs have great relationships with humans.


My Bed
by Zahir S.H.

My bed is softer than a cloud.

But the bed frame is solid like 1,000 sheets of paper.

My bed is its own world.

My bed can be sunshine.

My bed can be rain.

My bed is slim like a folder.



Ms. Henry’s 6th grade
Group 1


Ways of Looking at a Vase
By Zamarion A.R. 

A vase is a tower for water.
A vase is a memorial to love.
A vase is like a memory box.
A vase is like a house for flowers.
A vase is like a colorful cup.
A vase is like a statue.


6 ways of looking at a water bottle
By Anthony B.

A water bottle can be like a moving water fountain.
A water bottle is like a rain catcher.
A water bottle is your best friend in the desert.
A water bottle keeps athletes energized.
A water bottle can be a secret candy stash.

Water is calm like a tree.


Ways of looking at a seashell
By Sincere B.

A teeny tiny shovel.
A blank canvas to paint on.
A home to a crab.
A spoon for a warm bowl of soup.
A hammer for a snail.
A hat for a snail.


Ways of Looking at a Shoe
By Dailan S.

A home for a mouse.
A shield for your feet.
A hotel for ants.
A pillow for your toes.
A heater for your feet.
Protects your feet from danger.



Ms. Henry’s 6th grade
   Group 2


Ways of looking at Kyleigh
By Willie H.

A apple to my tree.
A bird to my nest.

The brightness to my lemon.
The sugar to my lemonade.

A boat to my sea.


The Trident: The #1 tool of gods
by Kaden K.

A chew toy for Cerberus.

Poseidon’s boat paddle.

Medusa’s hair comb.

Demeter’s pitchfork.

Zeus’s personal eating fork.

Dionysus’ wine stirrer.


6 ways 4 a Plate
By Autumn W.

A plate can be a shield for a battle.

A plate is a place for my food to live
before its in my stomach.

A plate is shelter for bugs in bad weather.

A painting for a kitchen decoration.

A frisbee for summer.

A boat for the sea!







“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.