The Unlikely Ghost and other Pizza-loving Monsters

Week Two and its Halloween Eve! The students and I read two poems: “October,” by Bobbi Katz, and “Theme In Yellow,” by Carl Sandburg. We discussed persona and voice, and how you might transform into someone else on the page. We also discussed poetic line for the first time today, and the students (as always) had wonderful observations and ideas as to why one might make lines differently when making a poem rather than, say, a piece of fiction.

I asked students to write a poem in which they became a Halloween creature, and to write using their creature’s voice, and not their own. There are some surprising, delightful creatures below. A number of them fall into a great category: “The unlikely ____” in which a normally creepy creature… just wants some friends/pizza/snacks.

It’s a darn shame that I didn’t get to see the ALS 4th graders in their costumes, but I did get many a report on the grand plans for the next day, and it sounds like quite the creature festival!

Ms. Pease
4th Grade Literary Arts

Room 214

Analisse L.

I am a
witch in the
I am an evil
one doing a
potions. I
go around
turning people
into monsters
one by one.
Tomorrow watch out!
It is going to be
my night!


Ninja Training
Eduardo H.

I am
silent as nothing
I am stealth
in every step
I take.
I could not
make a
mistake or I
would be caught
with only
fifteen ninja
stars and
a sword for
protection, my
brother a ninja
enemy, has
experience than


Spirit Girl
Brooklyn M.

I make people see me
I am ugly
I am scary
I summon people
I make people
Forget about there
love ones
Ew I hate
that word
Be careful
I might
be in you

Room 215

Gael L.

I want to eat people and to eat
people meat. I want to be in
the darkness. I have sharp teeth.

Halloween Skeleton Land
John D.

My job is
to find you
and get you,
I am gonna
get you and
turn you into
a skeleton.

I will
scare you
when you
are sleeping.

Allen O.

When it was a very spooky night there was
one little monster called boogy woogy and it had sharp teeth
cat eyes and an ugly face to scare people

Scary Halloween
Janae M.

Let me tell you about the scariest story ever
Its about ugly pumpkins that come
alive and eat humans and there are
ninjas that help you get away
from the scary eating pumpkins

The Halloween Ghost
Lucila R.

I am invisible
I can float in the air
I come out on Halloween
I love scaring people
I am going to reveal who I am
I am a ghost
I love eating gross things

Lucila R.
Ghost by Lucila R.

Room 216


The Weird Zombie
Aaliyah C.

They call me the weird zombie
I don’t think I’m weird
because I like zombie nerds
and I want to live in
the ground. I like to
eat branches for snacks.


The Zombie Invasion
Anthony B.

One day I was
walking down the
street and I
saw a
car coming and it
ran into a potion
and the potion
was a zombie potion
and it splashed me
and then I
turned into a
zombie and I
infected everyone
and there was
a scientist and
he made a potion
to turn people
back and then
I ate him
before he splashed
me and then
the whole world
was ending
and I was invisible


The Vampire Loves to Dance
Essynce R.

I love to dance
I like to cha-cha-cha
everybody dance

I love to dance
dance and dance
do you like
to dance,
dance and dance?

cha-cha wooo


Zion B.

The big ghost really has
a lot of imagination.
This zombie was a good
zombie. This unicorn is
a corn potion in my
eyes. This unicorn is
hungry. This unicorn is
called Princess Bubblegum.

This unicorn
is bigger than
the giant
big bean star.


I Wish I Had Skin Or Was Not A Skeleton
Bryan G.

I am a skeleton
I wish
I had skin.
If I had
skin people
would not
run for their lives.
One time I scared
a cat and he
ran into three different
bee hives.
All I know
is a pumpkin
all I want is
I would put it
on my head
and then jiggle
and wiggle for
a bone or
trick for
a treat.

Giselle S.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.