I Dream of…

For our prior classes we read “Last Night As I Was Sleeping” by Spanish poet, Antonio Machado. We had talked about the use of repetition with the previous poem, and here the poet repeats key phrases too, in each of the poem’s four stanzas: “Last night as I was sleeping, / I dreamt—marvelous error!—” so our discussion began by asking why Machado chose to duplicate those lines? I also asked if any students knew what marvelous and error mean? Then I inquired if errors, or mistakes, could really be considered as good? From there, I put the word imagery on the board and explained that imagery is when a poet creates pictures in our minds with words; we then looked at the images in Machado’s poem. Did they share anything in common? What did the students see? Did we all see the same things, or were our images all different depending on our individual personalities and experiences? I also asked why the poet focused on the heart so much in his poem—what is so important about the heart? Does it just mean the organ in our chest, or something else as well?

The prompt this time was to write about dreams. We talked briefly about how strange dreams can be, but also how realistic they sometimes are. I also noted that a dream can also refer to something we want or hope to achieve.

Ms. Rupp, 2nd Grade

The Dream
Xavier B.

I had a dream.
I dreamt that I was flying.
It was awesome!
I saw a bad guy.
He had laser eyes.
I flew away.
I used my freeze breath.
He was frozen.
I heard cheering from underhead.
I felt so proud of myself
until I woke up.
“Aw man,” I said,
“It was not real?”
I looked back into my dream.
I saved people.
It was fun!

Dream of Flower Poison
Eloise G.

There is a poison,
a flower poison not a plant
poison not Poison Ivy. Flower
poison in a dome lots of people
with me in my dream but all
doing a different activity, but I
found a flower a pretty flower
but I backed away it was
called Poison Lacresh…then
I tripped over a rock into the
poison lacresh! I ran out and
started scratching!

Suddenly light was in my
eyes I woke up “that was
close” I said.

Dreams and Nightmares
Tiara H.

My dream is a dream
that I was dreaming.
I was dreaming that I was

in a dreamland called
Youland it was full of sweets.
Candy as clocks on a bell tower.

Banana boat as boats but
can I eat it in my
sleep? What if I go

and fall into a
nightmare? I really don’t
want it to go to a

nightmare. Why did I
get this dream? I got it
because of veggies. If I eat

sweets it will turn into
a nightmare UH OH.

I am in a nightmare.
Oh no I know something
bad is going to happen.

Now I am supposed
to battle the strongest
villain in my favorite

comic. He has every
single power. My sidekick
is my favorite superhero

beats against miracles
the villain he stands against
us all.

Story of My Dream
Jayden I.

I was dreaming and sleeping

Dreaming of flying with swans

Dreaming of god inside
my heart.

My nightmare is a big
fail of a dream.

I dream of nice

Stephen L.

One night as I was sleeping,
I dreamed there was lots of candy,
but as I bounced, I thought
of errors.

But as I thought of errors,

cold water went flowing
through the aqueduct.

I Am Dreaming!
Lillie M.

Last night I had
a dream. That
a terrible thing

I was bitten
by a vampire.
It was terrible.
Then I was a vampire.

Then after that
I wasn’t a vampire.
I ate the vampire
but it was a dream.

Eli O.

I had a dream I felt a
failure in my body it is a
weird feeling I had a life a
dream that I could be something
better I found a life
a chance to live and fly
with my experiences
and be a good person to

Ms. Beaudry, 2nd Grade

Last Night…
Jonathan C.

Last night a bad thing
happened. A very bad
thing. Last night

when I woke up
I was in a jungle.

I thought this was a
dream. It was but
an unbreakable dream

I could not get out.
But what I loved, the
soaring sounds of trees

but roaring monsters.
I tried and tried
to wake up.

But still no
use. What will
I do?

I heard my
self. The crying

But not loud
crying. Soft.

But in the matter
of time, I was

back lying on
my bed.

Tai C.

My heartbeat was pumping
oh my it is catfish
I hate catfish
why did you bring
me here? I want to
go please. Okay.

The Great Dream
Taylor H.

I was sleeping one day.
I dreamt a great dream.
I felt like the moon was talking to me.
After I felt soothed cause my bed felt
like a warm marshmallow.

I felt like my life was such a
great life.
So then I felt I had the
great dream.

I Had a Dream to Be King
Jaylen J.

I had a dream to be king. I would
make my servants wash my feet.
Really they were stinky. Then they
cooked breakfast. Then my son and
daughter got married.

My Dream Adventure
Max L.

Last night I had an awesome
dream I went on a raft.

It is cool when I have
dreams my dreams sometimes come
to life.

My dream was cool because
I had laser beams and destroyed
a bad guy.

My dreams are one of a kind.

The Worst and the Best Dream Ever!
Carter M.

I dreamt that I went to Costa Rica with
the breeze in my hair going zip-lining
but…I fell. Ah! Ah! Off the zip-line
but luckily someone saved me
now I’m safe let’s go home.

My Monster Friends
Elisa X.

My dream is so monstery
zombies and goblins
oh great!
What a weird kid I am.
I just was friends with a zombie.
After I got lost
at my dad’s work place!
I didn’t catch up
with my mom

and the queen died!
Those monsters were stinky
yes they were.
Then my friend died
but I never did,
because I was friends
with all the zombies.
Witches were all killed.

How frightened I was!
Then suddenly everyone survived
I was sad for my friends
maybe I will have one again.

Ms. Schwartz, 2nd Grade

Lina C.

A huge cheer
you dream about
making waves!
The ocean fairies
keep all the sea
creatures happy!

Rakiya C.

Dreams could be
a nightmare of
a dream.

One time I
had a dream.
The dream was

it was at
a land called

and I was
riding a unicorn
around rainbow trees

and I had
colorful eyes
and the unicorn
was a vanilla

Esteban G.

I have a dream about being a

Awesome Dreams
Rakiyah H.

When I go to sleep when people
cry in my dream it makes me
cry too because I have the same
feeling so it makes me cry
I try not to cry.

Pranav J.

When I dream it’s kind of like I’m
in another world so when
I open my eyes I think I see
the Black Ninja.

A Dream Is….
Tailur K.

A dream is something that you
might want to happen, and it could,
it could! Really. Like I will say when
I grow up dreams can come true.

They might come true.

The Dreadful Monsters
Caden K.

One night I was asleep
I heard something I didn’t
know what it was I got
out of bed I ran downstairs
I open the door I just heard
the wind blow. And all I saw
trees and all living is all the
living and me is out there I
go back upstairs I got back in
bed as soon as my head hit
the pillow I heard the same noise
again I rush down the stairs
I slam open the door. I see
the same thing I walk out the
same walk into the woods
I am so scared so scared I feel
like running back when I ran back
I saw what was making the
noise it was a wolf I was surprised
I got to bed immediately really safe

Niziya S.

In my dream I dream about
being a queen and everybody
listens to me.

Ms. Ward, 2nd Grade

Phoenix G.

I dream about this very hard
moment me alone on the team
in dodgeball and 30 people on the
other team because all of my 29
players got out with no jailbreaks
and they were in a line I hit
one player and the ball kept going
towards the other players and that
was my only dodgeball and I
won I couldn’t believe it my heart
was beating up and down so
fast that would be so cool

The Wonderful Dream
Miles K.

I had a dream that
I dreamt that I met
a bazzok I don’t know

why but he went poof!
He got his brother his
brother was a kaddome.

He was as tall as me
but he went to heaven.

So that was my dream
and a dream is a dream
my dream was a wonderful
dream but

it was a dream that I
can’t change and that is
that for me!

But I got my suitcase and
I went to L.A.!

Ryan L.

The dream I had about Star
Wars when they were fighting

My Wish
Aarav N.

The night I couldn’t sleep
and wished I had 1,000,000
dollars and could sleep. The
next day, there it was!
There was a suitcase
full of 1,000,000 dollars.
And I could sleep!

Sophia N.

My dream is to have whatever I
want and I mean it mommy and
daddy if you’re seeing this.

Molly S.

The dream I
had was when I
ate delish melted
cheese on fries.

They were yummy
but good I liked
when they were
eaten by one piece
then another.

What! They jumped
out of the cheese
fry bucket and…

went all the
way to school
watch out for
running cheese

Emmy T.

I dream the same
to my big brother I dream
about me as I am
a monkey when I
woke up I asked my
big brother he he dream
he said “Me as a
monkey” I said “I dreamed
that too” we both
freakout our mother comes
in panicking saying let’s go
to bed I dream again
about me as a moose
when I wake I ask
my big brother what he
dreamed about this is what
he says “me as a
moose” we both freak-
out again like we used
to this is dream
culture mine comes
in again day dreaming
like a goose in a
pond I think she

Best Dream
Rohan T.

This was a dream but it is not anymore. You might
laugh but I went on a plane and all I could
see so much people and they did not look like
ants to me and I saw a bus that looked
like a dragon with fire as hot as a fan
and a big spike as tall as a giraffe from
up on the plane to me because I really have
good eyes, I can see my house from in the
plane to me but my brothers Tashi and Armaani
could not see anything in sight, to them the
bus looked like a chicken.

Gleaming Fish
Maxxim W.

I dream a fish jumping in the
air it seeks a shark and had a
forcefield it figured out the gleaming
gills of his are magical in his heart.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.