“The sweet sounds of Morning are…” Sounds and Noises with South Loop Poetry Club!

Last week at South Loop Poetry Club, we read “Sounds of the City” by Rita A. Simmonds. Even though she was writing about New York, we found that we heard very similar sounds in our daily routines here in Chicago. We received a variety of poems from our creative writers. Please enjoy our very noisy poems!


South Loop Poetry Club



By Whitman G.


I hear…..


My Mom yelling at me to wake up


Parent making breakfast SIZZLE


The CHATTER of my friends in school


People goofing off


The teacher talking, DO YOUR WORK




The wind HOWLING





By Mia P.


In the morning

I hear shouting, thumping,

tapping, stomping, clicking.


The soft clicking of a

keyboard. And very hard and

fast clicking as well.


At recess I hear screams

of terror and fun.


Click, Click, goes the keyboard.


The teachers having to shout

at students who still don’t

understand when to be quiet.

Ring Ring

Laughing at lunch


A day in my life

By Navi R.


I hear my mom as she enters my room.


I hear my backpack as it hits the ground.


I hear the loud, noisy trains VROOOMM!


I hear my mom as she makes my breakfast.



I hear my body falling on my bed.



I hear the cars beeping



The Battle of Yamamoto

By Zachary G.


sirens wake me up in the morning since

we are chasing the Battleship Yamamoto

sirens are going Rrrrah I get up into

the plane when the engine starts

It goes mmmrooow / The Booming of flak

going pow, pow, pow! Tearing up Planes

Near me the pieces of shrapnel Banging

off my wings I see my target I dive

down my Bomb flies off its Rack

sssssh / Then BOOM! The ship goes

up in flames / my commander yells at me which

sounds Blah, Blah, Blah! he tells me to

go pick up survivors from the battle

I think in my head “Finally, it’s over.”


The Battle Yamamoto

By George M.


In the morning I’m eating my breakfast

But then the alarm rings / I go up to

My battle station we see enemy planes

and we fire at some and

pow we got hit /


there pow on the decks enemy planes

firing ssshake water in Hull at us

Hit and some Hits Boom Boom Boom


Yamamoto is sinking Flash Boom I’m on the

last life raft we’re safe.


The Sounds

By Annabel G.


I hear utensils go “clink” and

my dad made a delicious breakfast.


I hear Cars going zoom as I

look out the window.


I hear my mom making dinner as

The pots and pans sizzle.



By Cole C.


These people talking to everyone

Just shouts of people

I see a sign


I can see gates

Just blacking the road

The people scream for their mighty


I went outside / I see people /

so many / a person yanked me a sign /

I think I’m in a protest.


I hear kids screaming

What is it about?

I went to my house screams falling


I turn on my TV

clicking the button to a channel

the news popped up

talking person saying


It’s a Roulez

a protest where

they never been told

what it’s about.


My life as a kid

By Morgan F.


The sweet sounds of Morning are…


My mom saying “good morning honey!”


My DAD saying “get ready for school, NOW!”


the sound of Afternoon are…


LUNCH Time Kids!


My mom saying “DO Your Homework!”




“Stop thumping kids!”


the night is here I hear….


Dinner time!          My DAD saying

“get ready for Bed. NOW!”


Gooooo NOW! Thump Thump!





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.