Eating Words

As always, it was a pleasure to be back with the students at Skinner West! Everyone was excited and eager to begin. I introduced myself as well as the program and went over what to expect for the next several weeks. For these first sessions, I like to ask if anyone has written any poetry before and what they think/know about it. Quite a few students were familiar with how line breaks are a unique feature that sets poetry apart from prose; I also noted stanzas as being another integral component. We’ll be thinking (and talking) about both regularly.

Our first poem for discussion was “Eating Poetry” by Mark Strand. I explained we should never assume the speaker of the poem is the poet, so who (or what) exactly is speaking here? Is it perhaps a dog? Why is the librarian upset? Can you “eat” poetry, and if so, how? When we read we absorb information, which is similar to eating; but we can also rip out and chew on the pages from a book, or even write on certain edibles. I also asked if there was any rhyme in the poem and we examined its exact and half rhymes.

Sufficiently hungry by this point, students pivoted to writing their first poems about their favorite food. Eat ’em up!

Ms. Kawa
4th Grade

The Tint of It
James B.

Chewy and crunchy too.

Smothered in sauce.

Cooked to perfection.


Anywhere is good.

Orange chicken,
it all matters.
The sauce, the meat, and the sides.

The Beautiful Hot Dog
Jeffrey E.

My hot dog,
in all its delight.

My cat jumps and grabs.
No, I scream,
and try and grab it back.

I miss and fly
the room.

My cat, the rascal

And drops the beautiful hot dog
my mouth.

Ice Cream Attack
Divya K.

I walk in
The cool air brushes on me
All the smells floating in the air

They take me to a new world
Candy canes, cotton candy, lollipops, floating
So sweet, so good

The Water Poem
Felix M.

Little taste.
Much hydration.
This is the water poem.
Nice to know what it is.

You can add taste.
With hydration.
This is the water poem.
Nice to know what to do.

You can add good taste.
It’s in the most hydration.
This is the water poem.
Nice to know what it’s in.

Adelyn N.

We drive to Chinatown
and into the store
as I open the door
I look at all the décor

I look at all options to have
as I come down to my top three
mango, passion fruit, and lychee

my final decision was lychee
we order, we wait
I get my drink and straw too

Maggie P.

The plate sits
and steams in front
of me

I drool while I
sniff and smell the
mouth-watering fumes of bananas

I cannot resist,
I grab one
and open it with my hand

I stuff it in,
bite after bite,
it is so delicious,
I cannot stop

When they are all gone,
I weep and cry,
until my dad buys more

Ms. Makris
4th Grade

Ryan B.

Some food makes me recoil.
It tastes like it’s spoiled.
Some drinks are the same,
their flavor untamed.
More food is the opposite,
it is lit with a flame of flavor.

Drinks can taste bad or good,
but some taste like food.
But the few that please me
are types of tea.
Lemon & ginger, rose & rice,
they all taste good no matter the price.

Some things are even better,
but they require a letter from
my parents because of the sugar.

Eating Salt
Olivia C.

The saltiness hits the taste buds in my mouth.
Like there was a war going on.
Something that really gives me the kick.
Or something that is giving me a trick.

I quickly drink water.
Rushing what to do.
I stop.
Thinking what to do.

I dreamed of salt.
Then I scream.
I put some ice cream.
Inside my mouth.

Dreaming, what happens if I eat it again?
Now I wonder.
Why I like salt.
I ran fast like thunder.
Eating it again.

Eating the Pizza
Camille D.

As I started eating my supper
I stopped and thought, how do they make the
pizza that I am holding in my hands?

I thought about the dough, the rolling, the sauce,
the toppings. Where does it come from, how is
it made? Well I have an adventure to go on
I best not stray.

I walked in the kitchen not shy at all
how is this made tell me it all, as
he spoke and showed me it all, I felt a new
person like I conquered it all.

Crunchy Munchy Salad
Addie P.

What I like is very
good well in my opinion
it tastes so good.

The food I like is
called salad the nice
crunchy salad.

You could add whatever
you want candy or what
you like.

The taste of salad is
so good it’s nice and
healthy and it’s very good.

If you eat crunchy
munchy salad make
sure to make it

Naomi T.

My eyes cry and weep,
as she takes the leftovers away.
For everyone is done but me.

I stare at my half-eaten bowl,
and start to dig in.
First noodles, then meat, next is vegetables
and onions, and finally the broth.

As I finish off the last of the
broth she comes over, ready to take my

I put the silverware I used into
the bowl, and hand it over.
Then I savored the tastes of the
ramen, for it was delicious.

Lemon Pie
Mariangel V.

Up in my room I hear
the sounds of the oven

then I smell the delicious
smell of lemon pie.
I race down the stairs

to see what’s going on,
when I see my mom
slicing up the pie.

When I ask her for
a slice she gave me
a fresh handmade lemon pie.

When I smell it I feel ready.
Then the sweet taste
of soft pie.

Then I think and believe
“I love lemon pie.”

Mr. O’Brien
4th Grade

Dylan D.

I like to
eat pizza. I like the cheese
and olives. It’s hot and fresh

you can have any toppings
on it. Olives, mushrooms, pepperoni,
anything. And when you eat it
it will be yummy.

Alistair L.

I turn on the show.
I find the best,
the food that’s the best.

Slurping noodles,
eating pork,
and with the delicious egg.

Tastes like homemade broth,
and heartwarming veggies
for a delicious meal.

Emory M.

Buffalo sauce drips from the
chicken wing I take a
bite and get a delight.

Kevin M.

I love taquitos, as for dark chocolates
I dislike.

Rice Krispies belong
under my big, heavy bike. Lollipops and
Twix, all the way.

Aniya R.

In the morning.
I like food.
My favorite is pasta.

I like it with butter.
Not tomato sauce.
With no toppings.

Simon R.

Tacos delicious things they are.
Lettuce tomatoes meat and cheese.

Zoe W.

The pizza cheese is stringy
The crust is a little burnt

The basil smells great
The sauce tastes okay
The bread is super thick

Favorite Food
Lucas Z.

Food is yummy.
But my favorite food is ice cream.
The flavor trips out and I love it.

I lick and lick and lick.
It’s yummy.
When I look I drool.

It feels awesome and I can’t stop
but when I finish
my feeling pops.

Ms. Nelson
4th Grade

Imagine Eating
Aleksa D.

In a restaurant,
I wait and wait,
with food that seems just
like bait.

When the food has
finally come I
lay down and eat, yum yum.

The steak to
make is very hard
but with my mouth
I’ll eat and eat.

Once my plate is
done, my tum is
full, yum yum.

Victoria F.

I remind my mom.
I haven’t had ramen in a while.
The way I slurped the noodles into my mouth.

It’s really hot but I don’t care.

Food Poem
Matea K.

Once we arrived
I stepped out of
the car and
saw an amazing
most wonderful
taco truck
I was really
happy because
it was TACO
it was free.
I was wonder
full but once
I saw the
most wonderful
taco store
Chipolte a
dream come
true once
when I stepped
in I turned into
a new woman.
Every single time
my family wants to
go out to eat and
they ask what
to eat I always
say Chipotle when
I eat my tacos
I ask for more.

Itati L.

Spicy and tasteful.
Always gooey and
extremely chewy.

I can’t forget chili too.
With Fritos!

I’m already drooling.

Cheesy Macaroni
Arjun R.

The cheesy macaroni
fills my mouth with cheesy flavor.
When I swallow it down my throat,
I want more.

I add more spice and cheese,
and I gulp it down in seconds.
Although I vomit heavily,
I want more.

The cheesy macaroni makes
me hungry for some more,
and although I spill some cheese . . .
Oh no! I’m too full!

And then I take a big gulp
of water . . . Aaaahhh . . .
I feel better!

My Favorite Food Is . . . . . . . .
Eliza V.

Whenever my mom is making pasta.
I always rush to the kitchen to get some.
So when I get a piece it’s like I can eat so much.

When I add marinara sauce it tastes so good
and I become glad when I get pasta.
I could eat pasta forever.

My favorite kind of pasta is pasta my mom makes.
Whenever I am done I get sad and wish I had more.
The next time I get pasta I always jump out
of my seat.

Sushi Land
Zoe Y.

Wrapped like a
baby in a blanket.

Packed tight
like my backpack
filled with books.

So many flavors.
Sweet potato.
California roll.

All amazing.
It swallows me into my own world.
Just me and sushi.


The best thing I
have ever tasted.
Warm. Sweet. Savory.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.