Butterflies Cannot Lie

This week, Smyser’s 4th graders and I wondered how it might feel to step into someone or something else’s shoes for a day. We read Advice from a Raindrop by Kim Stafford and then wrote our own Persona Poems.


Ms. Erzrumly’s Class


Advice from a Tree 
by Nickolas

If you ever feel the cold coming
you can just change your colors

Talk to others
if you need something
or help

You can always grow bigger
and stronger just like me!


Advice From A Bird 
By Naomi 

I can fly away from my problems
Even though you can’t fly you can run
Away from your problems I can’t
Eat pizza burgers or any humanlike

I can get to places faster but
I can’t ride a bike or scooter
I can talk to other birds
but so can you you can
talk to your friends I get
scrammed away.

It is hard to fly to
different places for winter but
you can stay in your
home and turn the heater
on nevermind I don’t wanna
be a bird.


Advice from a Snowflake 
By Marcie 

You’re different and special
you calm down and flow in the breeze
you can make people happy going to places
you can see the world.


Advice from a Spider
By Zion 

I am the
gray spider
on your wall
and I got some

even if you
feel small and
feel like a speck

there are still
things that make
you special
as a spider I can
balloon and fly.


Advice from a Firework 
By Noel 

It glows blows and flows
then the sky while I eat pie
then tells me to chill and watch
enjoy it loud but somehow calm
expand my energy teach me
how to celebrate.


Advice from Spiderman 
By Ezekiel 

Even if you could not shoot webs
you could make web shooters. Don’t
ever swing too close to the ground.


Ms. Edwards Class 


By Tara 

I know how to move in secret
I know how to feed my family
I know how to hunt
I know how to laugh and run and play
It brings me joy playing with my community
I love being fast and sneaky so no one can see me

I am a fox I can be strong
I can be a hero sometimes too
protecting my family from predators
even tho I’m one too
I love to eat
and love to sleep
I am a FOX


By Ivanna 

A Lion is
strong but
I’m also
strong A lion
is Proud out loud!
I feel that sometimes
a lion is sneaky
I can be sneaky
aa Lion is hard working
for his/her community
I can help my community.


Advice from a Cat 
By Grace 

You don’t have to always smile
Just do a little
grumpy face!
Don’t be shy, you can
play all day with your
owner! Why don’t
you play with me
I’m gonna scratch
you! >:( Can you even
handle my cute little
face hehe… Hug attack!!
*breaks* ugh I’m bored.
oooo mouse catch catch
catch CATCH pssss… can I
have some fish pls?
meow, meow, meow
meow, meow, meow


Butterflys Cannot Lie 
By Mialina 

I cannot Lie but it’s really
fun to fly you can eat yummy nectar
soo sweet mm I have a long tongue
good for nectar


Advice from a Seagull 
By Emily 

Free on the beach
Free food on the beach
Free entertainment on the beach
Free as can be

Glide in the air
sneak into a fair
The king’s lair,
Free as can be


I want to be something? 
By Ethan

I want to
be a fish
so I can
keep swimming
and go
the flow











“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.