Strange voices at Shoesmith

For their 5th poetry session Shoesmith 5 and 6th graders explored persona poetry. I asked students to imagine seeing the world by walking in someone else’s shoes. We joked about not actually wearing someone’s shoes. Gross. But Poets use persona to take on the voice of someone else, to understand their point of view.

Together we read and discussed the poem “Snow Globe,” by Shaila, a former 7th grader from Dubois Elementary. In her poem Shaila imagines what life would be like as a snow globe who lives on a shelf of a store. Round and round I’m shaken/stared at like an alien probe/ Please, giant human, can you not dop me/ and smash me on the ground? This snow globe is fearful of being smashed, whenever a human pick it up. Always living in fear isn’t a great life to have, especially for a little small object.

Inspired by Shaila’s poem students wrote their own persona poems, taking on the voices of different people, animals, and objects.

Ms. Hassberger 5th Grade
Group 1

By Ashton P.

Humans’ stinky feet
all up inside of me.
Let me breathe.
Use your crocs
or slides that’s
in your closet
beside me,
creasing up
my toe box.

My Phone
By Jurny

Imagine being me
and all these different
text coming to you.
Different cases.
Don’t use me too much.
Don’t drop me, I may break.
I hate when she turns me off
and puts me in a bag.
Its feel like I’m in
a dark forest.
When she takes me out,
I feel like I just woke up.

                                           Ms. Hassberger’s 5th Grade
                                                          Group 2

Imagine A Fly Life
By Hillary A.

Imagine being a fly.
People always try to hit me.
I can hide on the wall
and hear all the gossip.
I love stealing people’s
food, when I feel full
I see the best thing
in the world. Poop.
I love the smell,
it pulls my body,
like playing tug-of war,
and the poop
smell wins.
Then I see an
open door.
Wow, this place is nice.
After two minutes
Somebody killed me,
like they did my sister

A Piece of Paper
By Jason H.

Hello, I am a piece of paper.
To be specific, Jason’s
piece of paper.
He’s very nice to me,
but others aren’t.
I am tired of people
treating me like trash.
Every time I am made,
I go to someone bad.
They always ball me
up and fold me.
Like that stuff hurts!
I get that I am flexible,
but come on!
When people step
on me, I feel like trash.
Jason’s the only person
who treats me right.
l don’t want to go
to other people.
l want to stay with
Jason in Paradise.
Because he knows
l have feelings and
treats me right.

By Nevaeh S.

Imagine being me,
something most people
Don’t care about.
They come and go while
messing me up, but anyways.
These big creatures leave
me dirty but I want to be
Many people don’t know
how much work I do
but they don’t care.
I make food, houses,
people to live, medicine
places, all of them.
But if they don’t care
I don’t care either.
So be it.

Being A Pencil
By Tevin R.

Being a pencil is hard.
I always get gripped
I also get bitten every day.
That gets annoying,
it also hurts really bad.

I would love to get revenge,
but I’m just wood, I’m weak.
But I can bite or grip them back.
Buuuut the best part of being
a pencil is that I can break
during a big test.

Overall being a pencil is crappy,
and if you could be anything
in the world don’t be a pencil.
Truuust me.

But being a pen is the wooorst!

                                              Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
                                                             Group 1

A Cat
By K’Michelle B.

I love when my owner pets me.
It is calm.
But when you pet my tail,
it makes me uncomfortable.
I hiss, but I’m sorry.
I’m a cat.
I love to sleep and nap.
I to wear a hat,
especially black hats.
I use my claws to knead.
I like to scratch the cat post
it is the best of all three.

My Dad
By Jaray B.

I used to help Jaray with her homework.
I used to take her to Sky Zone.
I am a sweet person.
I am a quiet person.
I used to eat tuna with Ketchup
I used to tell Jaray, you look
pretty with your hair done.

Being A Wall
By Makayla B.

I’m a wall.

I fear humans.

Please don’t draw
on me kids.

Please don’t punch
me when you get

I stay still every year,
I don’t move.

I don’t like when people
put their backs on me.
I need my PERSONAL

Please don’t put your
back on me,
just because your
back itches, doesn’t
mean anything.

Mama Iertera
By Lena E.

I am Mama Itertera

I help Lena with her homework.
I take Lena to the swimming
pool when it’s hot.

I take Lena to get toys from
the store.

I work at Saks Avenue Store.
My favorite color is blue
I work every weekend.

Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
   Group 2

The Voice Of A Glove
By Jamayle H.

I’m a glove always touching
Someone’s guts, just to be
thrown away.

I’m a glove, used to protect
a hand, that doesn’t
appreciate me.

I’m a glove, they put me
in a box with no light,
to be opened by a human.

I’m a glove, as soon as I
get ripped, I’m thrown

I’m a glove, that never gets
to explore anything.
Only used in one room,
on one person.

I’m a glove, I only get one
color, that I don’t get to pick.

I’m a glove, only used for
one purpose, then never
seen again.

Embarrassed Shoes
By Skylar S.

When I think about humans,
tears fall down like my laces.

Embarrassed shoes is not
good to be known for.

But someone’s large foot
going into you everyday
is embarrassing.

My friend Nike says
I’m popular because,
I get worn every day.

I guess I’m popular, because
I’m Jordan.

But, I’ll always be known for
the Embarrassed shoes.

I’m Trying To Help (The Weather)
By Ameer S.

When I rain down you get mad,
but I’m trying to help.

When you feel my cold snowflakes,
you say, it’s too cold, but want to
feel heat, like there’s a heat wave
standing over you, you say,
its way to hot out here.
I’m trying to help.

Do you ever think about me?
What I’m trying to be?
To make you all happy?
This time,
I’m just gonna do me.
I’m overworked
and stressed out
trying to be what
you want me to be.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.