Cool Dreaming

Last week I got to meet with Twain 5th graders for our 4th and 5th sessions. Students spent more time working on their dream poems, some of which you can read, below. Before getting into a lesson introducing Gwendolyn Brooks’ poem “We Real Cool,” created by Davon Clark, I asked students what words could be used interchangeably with the word cool. They said lit, rad, sick, dope, and awesome. We viewed the “We Real Cool” video produced by the Poetry Foundation, and had a discussion about the poem. Stay tuned for what students write next!

Ms. Fernandez
5th Grad

Dream Poem
by Karyme V.

I dream of having a perfect life
I dream that I am in the sky
I dreamed that was surrounded by flowers
I dream that every day in my B-day, October 15th
I want to be the perfect person to everyone
I want to be in Mexico
I dream that there’s not more school
I want my sister to be good with me
I dream of being in a movie
I dream that there aren’t bad people in the world
I want to be in the mountains riding a horse
I dream of having a perfect life

by Jackie M.

Dreams are a thrill
They could even give you chills

A perfect day in life feels like a dream
Sometimes life isn’t what it seems
it feels like a dream

Just close your eyes and step inside
Let your imagination go wild
No one can judge you in your dream world

Dreams are a thrill
They could even give you chills

Jesus L.

I dream about seeing my dog that passed away
I dream to see my birds that passed away
I dream that there wasn’t school
I dream that my Dad was with me for a week
I dream that my pt bull wasn’t taken away from me and given to my brother
I dream that my math grade was good
I dream that my family was rich
I dream that my dad didn’t have problems with his leg
I dream that every day was a rainy day
I dream that the world was a better place

By Herman D.

Sometimes I fly and other times
I feel fine
Sometimes I am confused and
in others I light a fuse
Sometimes I wonder then my
mind clutters like thunder
Sometimes I imagine how my
future will be

Then I sink into my thoughts
as I think about them
as I begin to plot then I find
myself at the start
as my mind starts to tie
itself into knots
as I walk in the court
to clear my mind while
playing some sports
as I spot a piece of white glimmering
quartz on the ground
while I drive to the airport and
see two men playing keyboards

I wonder…
by Sebastian C.

I wonder what I am going to do when my parents
are not here anymore
I wonder if we can go live in Mexico
I wonder what my future is going to be like
I want to be a famous musician
I wonder what my job is going to be when
I am older
I wonder if I am going to have better friends
I want to control my behavior
I wonder if I am going to go to college
I want my dreams to come to life
I wonder if I am going to be successful

Mr. Maciasz
5th Grade

by Alan F.

Some dreams , dark and light
Sometimes on ground or flight
Falling down a tower in a dark sight
The air hitting me like bullets
the air going past me fast
the clouds roaring loudly.

by Penelope B.

I wonder how life is without a dream
is it dark and cold
like a room with no light or warmth?
will it be sad
like a clown whose jokes are bad?
will it make your imagination disappear
like when you’re older?

by Alicia N.

I dream I own a tiger
I dream I am riding my tiger
I dream it is raining, beautiful
I dream the forest is opening as we ride
I dream the tiger is really pretty
I dream my tiger can talk
I dream we chat for hours
I dream we ride until the end of the world
I dream we run until we can’t run anymore
I dream I have all of the tiger plushies
in the world

Nightmares or Dreams
by Melissa T.

while others dream of
happy, excited dreams
or even crazy ones
I dream of things
I don’t wanna remember
like my cat dying in front of me
or like my grandpa’s death replaying
in my dream.
my dreams are like the deep dark ocean
they go on and on until
they stop
sometimes I wouldn’t even
call them dreams
instead I call them nightmares.

Gabriella C.

I dream that I’m at an Olivia Rodrigo concert
I dream when I’m at the concert
I’m in the front row
I dream that she plays a new
song called “Friend!”
I dream that I have a backstage pass
I dream I play as the guitarist and
I get to ride in a limo
I dream that me and my friends know
Olivia Rodrigo and we get to have

Mrs. Respress
5th Grade

Soccer Dreams
by Jiovany S.

Sometimes I dream about soccer
pretend I get past the defender
while kicking the ball and hitting the nets
In a big field that stretches forever.

The goalie diving right past the ball and
the crowd goes wild screaming “Goal!!”
When I wake up it’s all over and
although it’s not real, if you follow your
dream it may come true.

Dream Poem
by Marcelino T.

I dream I can fly
I dream of a world with no lies
I dream of a world with no flies
I dream of a world of peace
I dream of a day where life loves everyone
I dream of equality.

Ms. Bell
5th Grade

My Crazy Dreams
by Na nigi A.

I dream that I live in the year 2048
being showered in worms, yuck!
teleported into bed and I can’t move
is this a dream?

I dream I shoot intrusive aliens
Pow, Pow! I use my laser gun to vanish them!
my eyes open and I’m in my pajamas!
It was a dream!

Math is boring, I zone out…unicorns! rainbows!
whoops! I have to wake up, the answer is 3!

The Dream of Happiness and Thoughts
by Melanie V.

I dream about rainbows
I dream about trampolines
I dream about cooking
I dream about rain
I dream about meeting Peso Pluma

I dream about being an artist
I dream about going to Columbia
I dream about when dinosaurs are again alive
I dream about my dream car
I dream about when Jesus will return

I dream about what’s in space
I dream about when people will stop bullying
I dream about what will happen if Adam and Eve didn’t eat the apple
I dream about what’s in the ocean
I think about what people dream

My Dream for the Future
by Caleb K.

I dream of a bright future
I dream of becoming a successful businessman
I dream that I will pass 8th grade, top of my class
I dream that the world will change taxes

I dream of a bright future
I dream of having a big couch
I dream of having straight A’s
I dream of making a company

I dream of a bright future.

My Dreams
by Kayla

I dream that I started a cupcake company
I dream that I meet a YouTuber
I dream that there was no school every Thursday
I dream that I had a mansion
I dream that I went to California
I dream that I was a YouTuber
I dream that I wrote a lovely song
I dream that summer would never end
I dream that I was popular


I dream of sky diving into a volcano
into a very small circle in the middle of
the volcano

scary, nice, and rainy dreams
are all filled with
darkness and
to myself and
sometimes to



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.