My People, My People

Last week, Grissom’s middle schoolers got to show love to the people most important to them. We began our time together with a brief lesson on the Harlem Renaissance before reading Langston Hughes’ poem “My People.” Students observed the wide range of descriptive words Hughes used to write about the people around him. After chatting about the poem, students spent some time brainstorming then jumped into their own list poems about the people most important to them. Check out some of them below:

6th Grade

My People

by Jayden E.

My people drive

My people are good at eating

My people are kind,

My people are teachers.

My people are police officers.

My people are firefighters

My people do bikeriding

My people sing

My people talk

My people play loud music

My people scream

My people screech

I love my people

My People Are Family

by Landon M.

My people are

police officers

Active Navy veterans


and all of them

like to drive cars

loud cars

to fight for our country

to work for 20 years straight serving

for our country as a cop

They like to play football and

like to be family.


by Valeria C.

My family or neighbors

dance and sing and

they go outside to

play volleyball. My neighbor

is a substitute teacher and

teaches everyone something new.

My mom puts on eyelashes and earns

lots of money. My neighbors take care

of older or younger kids. My people

listen to music for fun, go outside, and

play volleyball. Music, loud, and yelling

reminds me of them.


by Estrella F.

My people tell stories

My people laugh

My people cheer

My people are teachers

My people are firefighters

My people write

My people are positive

My people are helpful

My people are kind

My people help my neighborhood

to be better

7th Grade

My People Poem

by Evelyn S.



Dancers and actors,

soccer players.

The sound of Spanish music

and guitars being played

trumpets being blown.

Lawns being moved.

My people, hard workers and achievers.

My people.

My People

by Luscipher

My people can speak Spanish

My people can cook

My people can play sports

My people can do construction

My people are students

My people go outside

My people love to laugh

My people love to listen to music

These are my people

My People

by Leah S.

1st Base

2nd Base


the laughter

and joy you get on

the field alone,

being able to play with my people



Running with the wind

Fast as lightning

Quick as a cheetah

Enjoying each other’s company

My Home

by Jaslyn L.

My people,



Funny, Ha-Ha-Ha,

goes to friends houses.

My people

Can make good food, go for walks,




Hangs out with family.

My people

Go to the beach,

don’t judge,

can make you laugh,

Business workers,

Real estate agents,

Makeup artists.

My people,

My mom, dad, and step-parents,

grandma, grandpa, aunts,

uncles, my family.

My Kind

by Fransisco M.

My kind

are soccer

players. My

kind are

builders. My

kind cooks

very good food.

My kind

have different

jobs. They

cut grass

They fix


They cut

hair. my kind

like to play

soccer, they

dance and sing

with their nice

volume. Sounds

are bzzzzzzz of

a hair trimmer. Yelling,

mmmmm of a lawnmower.

They are my kind

of people.

8th Grade

Team of Heroes

by Zachariah B.

Me, and all about it

Telekinesis, cuz I’m smart

Invisibility, cuz I’m shy

Superspeed, cuz I’m energetic

Now for Malachi, and all about him

Super-strength, cuz he be mad

Ice powers, cuz he is mean,

Shapeshift, cuz he likes to scare people

Last but not least, my friend

Time travel, cuz why not???

Mirage, again, cuz why not???

Lightning powers, cuz they can’t be stopped

and why not???

My People

by Melanie S.

My people are


and will make you laugh until you feel like you have abs.

They’re outgoing,

One’s a cheerleader,

One’s an owner of an auto repair shop,

and one’s a social worker,

We hang out,

play Roblox,

we facetime,

and they play football in their free time.

The sound of hammers and drills

or their contagious laughter

all remind me of my people.

La People

by Dylan S.

My people are athletic,

sometimes annoying

and strong and hard working

They are very smart students

He works for a company

One takes care of his mom.

We play basketball and

some, we have cookouts

and we all walk around

We laugh

We whistle

We sing

But that’s my people.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.