Shhh….. 5th & 6th graders create secret identities!

For our fourth week of poetry 5th and 6th graders took on new names and identities. Names give us a sense of self and expresses who we are as individuals. But most students wish they could be named something else. We discussed Marvel superheroes who have secret names and identities.  Spiderman is Peter Parker, Clark Kent is Superman, and Bruce Banner is the Hulk.

Together we read the poem “Moonlily” by Marilyn Nelson. The poem takes place in California 1956 during segregation. Nelson uses alliteration (repeated consonant sounds) and reverse-personification (humans taking on non-human qualities) to describe how she took on a new name and identity when she played with the white little girls during recess. We gallop circles around the playground/whinnying, neighing, and shaking our manes/We’re self-named, untamed, untouched, and un-ridden. As Moonlily Nelson is free like a wild horse, running and having fun with the other children. But once recess is over and they return to class, readers can see how the poet feels out of place being the only black child in her classroom. We file back to our desks/one bay in a room of palominos.  

Inspired by Marylin Nelson, students wrote poems, imagining themselves with new names and new identities.


Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 1


by Ma’Kayla B.

Mya is Pretty and proud.

Mya is bright and bold.

Mya is calm and colorful.

May is brave and beautiful.

Mya is as comfortable as a cloud.


by Tereyiah F.

Serenity is the Queen of quality.
Serenity slays in everything.
Serenity is a goddess.

Serenity is amazing in every way.
Serenity saves the day and struts away.


by Kamya J. 

My name is Loyalty.
Loyal and loving.

My name is Loyalty.
Pretty and sometimes petty.

My name is Loyalty.
Graceful and giving.

My name is Loyalty.
Sassy and sarcastic.

Loyalty is the Queen of being loyal.


Blue Iris 
By Laniya W.

Blue Iris is beautiful like a butterfly.

Blue Iris is cute as a cat.

Blue Iris is blue, but beautiful.

Blue Iris is brave and beautiful.

Blue Iris is bold and brave.



Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 2

Cardi B.
by Alasia G.

Clever and calm.

Thoughtful and trustworthy.

Kind and likable.

Gentle and generous.

Funny and Friendly.


Ice Spice
by Dominic K.

Cool and chill.
A role model and rachet.

Cute, the cutest person.
Super and a slayer.

Goddess and a good person.


by Harmony P.

I’m H.E.R. a good singer.

I’m heroic and helpful.

Mean and messy.

Nice and naughty

Cute and cautious.

Smart and sober.


by Naomi O.

My name is Nickly, Nick, nice and clean.

Loving, loyal, and likable.

Sometimes rude and ruthless.

Funny, fine, and friendly.

Polite, generous, and gentle.

That’s Nickly, Nick, nice and clean.



Ms. Henry’s 6th grade
Group 1


Supreme Snake
By Kaden D. 

Defiant and Devious.
Suspicious and sneaky.

Bold and bad.
Slithery like a slippery lizard

Fast and furious.


By Ashonti H.

Mean, magnificent, and marvelous.
Just like a villain.

Confident and curious
Like an adventurer.

Amazing, adventurous, and amusing.

A bad boss.
Just like a Queen.


Athletic Ah’lani  
By Ah’lani M.

From the awesome, Athlantic City,
he jumps and jogs around in a loop.

He dribbles and dunks and drives into the hoop.
He is a champion through and through.


Diamond Dailan 
By Dailan S.

He loves to help the poor and penniless.
He punishes the rich, robbers, and helps the poor.

His heart glistens and gleams like a diamond.
His mission is as clear as the most expensive diamond.

He is here to help the helpless.



Ms. Henry’s 6th grade
   Group 2


Powerful Prentice
by Prentice C.

My name is Powerful Prentice.
I’m strong and sociable.

I’m positive, persistence, and patient.
I’m funny and fearless.

I’m smart and self-confident.
I’m hard-working and helpful.

I’m a sneaky and sensible snake,
slithering to its meal.


My Name Will Be….Tanka Bell
By Tyasia H.

My name will be Tanka Bell.

I am Tanka Bell because…
Tanka Bell tries hard and she’s tough.

My name will be Tanka Bell.
Tanka Bell is a sensitive and sassy peacock.

My. name will be Tanka Bell
Tanka Bell is a fearless, faithful tiger.

My name will be Tanka Bell.
Tanka bell is talented and terrific.

My name will be Tanka Bell.
Tanka Bell is like glitter;

I will sparkle and shine.


By Latrell J.

A boy that strikes down the hologram hijackers.
A gamer that defeats his challenges, still looking charming.

A boy who finishes his missions while still modest.
A gamer who throws the final strike and self-confident.

A boy on the edge of dying but is still able to pull it off, obediently.


NaVadius Willburn
By Marcus T.

I’m unfazed, unique, and underrated.
Dependable, dynamic, determined and ready to dive in.

I’m a fair, fearless, and frank person.
I’m very self-confident, sincere, but also selfish.

I’m slick like a snake or calm and slow like a sloth.






“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.