The Things We Wish For

Hello, hello! The first day of residency at Bronzeville Classical Elementary went swimmingly. Ms. Siudock’s 4th grade classes and Ms. Shuch’s 3rd grade classes were so excited to start writing poems! We started the day talking about what we already know about poetry (which was a lot!) and drafting community agreements. Then, we started talking about wishes. There’s so much to wish for in our world, whether we wish on behalf of ourselves, our loved ones, or for the world we want to see. And what I’ve concluded is that these students have a generous spirit, as so many of their wish poems contained wishes for others. Take a look below.

Ms. Shuch’s 9:45 class, 3rd grade

Wish Poem by Makenzie J.

I wish I had a rabbit
I wish for a better world
I wish I could fly
I wish I could run faster than a cheetah
I wish for more books
I wish I had a unicorn
I wish I had more vegetables
I wish for pizza for dinner tonight (it happened)
I wish for Caesar salad

Wish Poem by Lanyla K. 

I wish I had superpowers
I wish I had a dog
I wish I had a unicorn
I wish for a gazillion dollars for charity
I wish for a cool summer breeze to read Harry Potter Books under a tree
I wish Ms. Shuch and every teacher gets paid $1,000,000,000
I wish to be the first female to be president
I wish to be in a movie
I wish to have a hit single
I wish to be happy every day

Wish Poem by Diego P.

I wish I had super powers
I wish I had everything sour
I wish for world peace
I wish for money
I wish for healthy people
I wish to give money
I wish for no death
I wish to help others
I wish for helping my dad
I wish to see the dead

Wish Poem by Virginia A.

I wish for a house in California
I wish for unlimited chipotle
I wish for a loft bed
I wish for a big room
I wish for cute clothes
I wish for a cute notebook
I wish for love
I wish for world peace
I wish for everyone to have love
I wish for a loving family with me forever

Ms. Shuch’s 12:45 class, 3rd grade

Wish Poem by Carter M.

I wish I lived in a mansion.
I wish I had unlimited money.
I iwsh I lived in some place warm.
I wish I had bigger hair.
I wish I had my own room.
I wish I had tickets to the bulls game.
I wish I had shapeshifting.
I wish I had superpowers.

Wish Poem by Marwa A.

I wish I had a dog
I wish i was flexible
I wish I had a space room
I wish I was good at art
I wish I sang better
I wish I had straight As
I wish to know how to sew
I wish I was an only child
I wish to see my grandma
I wish I had superpowers

Wish Poem by Reagan H.

I wish my sisters lived with me
I wish I could have another dog
I wish I had more make-up
I wish I could go to gymnastics
I wish that nobody dies
I wish I could go on shopping sprees
I wish that I could be famous
I wish that I lived in Cali
I wish I could get better at gymnastics
I wish I had magic

Wish Poem by Grayson S.

i wish nobody needed money
i wish i had a dog
i wish i lived on a beach
i wish i had a bird
i wish every body lived in a treehouse
i wish aliens were real and nice
i wish the earth was alive
i wish every body was nice
i wish Wakanda was real and open to every body with no war

Ms. Siudock’s 1:30 class, 4th grade

Wish Poem by Arwin D. 

I wish my brother would listen to me
I wish all food tastes good.
I wish people would stop being annoying.
I wish I could have a pet panda.
I wish I could see Pokémon in real life.
I wish I had the power to be invisible.
I wish there are no sicknesses.

Wish Poem by Caleb G.

I wish there were no Karens
I wish everything was free
I wish I had a well-trained dog
I wish I could play 2k23 ALL DAY
I wish I could play Roblox
I wish I had a phone
I wish I could play Prodigy
I wish everybody was immortal
I wish that everybody could make another world to stop overpopulation
I wish for everything on this wish poem to come true

Wish Poem by Koah T.

I wish sleep wasn’t necessary
I wish all weekends were 3 days
I wish you could buy stuff & take it out your phone
I wish one pencil was infinite
I wish i could talk to animals
I wish everything you buy was cheaper
I wish people would stop littering
I wish you got to choose your dreams while you sleep
I wish for smell-o-vision
I wish I didn’t have to pick up dog poop

Wish Poem by Osinachi O.

I wish I could go to space.
I wish I could visit my grandmother in Nigeria.
I wish there were world peace.
I wish I could get McDonald’s every day.
I wish I had a puppy.
I wish I lived on a beach.
I wish I were smart enough to travel to Mars.
I wish I could visit aliens to find unknown stars.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.