Put That On The List: List Poems

This lesson circulated around the concept of lists. Through Albert Goldbarth’s List Poem, ‘Library’ (truncated for our purposes in class). We began class by making lists of nouns that described memories. Anything was game. We then took some time to reflect and ask questions about these lists and create our own List Poem.

Lesson Note: Similar list making practices were used by author, Ray Bradbury, to mine his memory for writing gold and is used by many writers to this day. “The lists were the provocations,” he writes, “that caused my better stuff to surface. I was feeling my way toward something, honest, hidden under the trapdoor on the top of my skull.”

Mrs. Nazimek, 8th Grade
Group 2

Ariana R.

This life is stressful.
This life is amazing.
This life is bright.
This life is scare.
This life is confusing.
This life has adventures.
This life has goals to reach.
This life is sad.
This life is upside down.
This life no one understands.
This life is annoying.
This life is hard.
This life is gloomy.
This life has people to get
me through life.
This life has dreams.
This life is busy.
This life is cold.
This life has pain.
This life makes me sick.
This life is complicated.
This life has heart breaks.
This life has obsticles.
This life is mine and sometimes
it’s hard but it’s also

Michael D.

This library is cool
This book is awesome
This person is annoying
This computer is fat
This list is trash
This school is fine
I love this class
it is my favorite
I love poetry
Reading is fun
This book is amazing
This book is falling apart
This book has glue
This book is new
This book is fresh
This book is fantastic

Mrs. Nazimek, 8th Grade
Group 3

The Gallery
Michael N.

This picture is beautiful
This picture is funny
This picture is spooky
This picture is friendly
This picture is confusing
I want that picture
I want this picture
but no picture I can own
I want to show these pictures to someone
But I’m alone
That picture is beautiful

Destiny L.

This book caught me off guard.
This book has an ugly cover.
This book talked about cats.
This book had too many obnoxious people.
THis book was too unrealistic.
This book felt like homework.
This book reminded me of myself.
This book was boring.
This book has a twist!
This book didn’t make sense.
This book was ripped in half.
This book felt too short.
This book was porrly written.
This book was better than the movie.
This book is informational.
This book is chnaged my perspective
of things.
This book was underestimated.
Thsi book was overestimated!
This book made me cry.
This book made me smile.
This book rhymed.
This book restored my faith in

Mrs. Strus, 7th Grade

Ariana S.

This book was thrown out a moving
Honda Civic. The Honda Civic that went
over my foot
This book has no words in it
This book has sentences in it
This book has paragraphs in it
This book is about Shrek and his swamp
This book has mde me laugh
This book made my brother cry
This book can make people sad
This book has no end
This book is about YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
This book can make my dog cry
This book is about making dogs cry
This is about dogs and how they
can’t cry.

Jesus P.

This book is boring
This book is long
This book smells like rotten cheese
This book is old
THis book is yellow
This book is ripped
This book has no pictures
This book has no color
This book was made 40 years ago
This book should belong in the trash
This book is useless
This book is worthless
THis book ants ate
This book my bunny ate
This book is no fun



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.